How heavy downpour swept away 13-year old girl in Kaduna

How heavy downpour swept away 13-year old girl in Kaduna

One Chinedu Ogechukwu, a 13-year old girl is said to be missing, there are indication that she might have drowned in a gutter during a heavy downpour on Monday in Sabon Tasha, an outskirt of Kaduna.

Though search parties have since commenced search for the 13-year-old, they are yet to find her remains.

The situation is causing worries among friends, relatives and neighbours, who have thronged the family residence and Kudan Street, the location she was last seen.

People thronged the exact spot that caved in before she was swept away, amazed that a gutter can sweep away a teenager.

When newsmen visited the area, they noticed sad and gloomy faces who were worried that over 12 hours after she was swept away by the flood, her body could not be found.

The place where eyewitnesses reportedly saw her been swept by the raging water, became an instant tourist attraction as people wondered how a gutter could sweep away a teenager.

The gutter, said to have been constructed by the Nigeria Railway Corporation, flows from Sabon Tasha from where it connects to Gbagyi Villa before emptying into a River at Karatudu, Romi.

When newsmen visited, her father was said to be out with one of the search parties and was not available for comments.

Mrs. Ifeoma Eze, mother of the victim was traumatized by the unfortunate incident and could barely utter a word, but after much persuasion from relatives, she painstakingly gave out the age of her daughter and a recent photograph.

The incident happened at about past 5pm Monday when the rain was falling,” she informed.

Mrs. Eze said Ogechukwu was born on July 17, 2004 and was a JSS 3 student.

The mother of the girl, who is a business woman, appealed for help from all over in ensuring that her daughter was found.

On how the girl fell into the gutter, some neighbours around the vicinity who did not disclose their identities said that Ogechukwu went out to empty refuse into the drainage when the rain was falling, so that they can be washed away.

She emptied the first one, went back and came back to empty the second one before she was swept into the water. A boy that was around there was said to have attempted to to grab her hand and pull her out but the current of the water was too strong,” a source informed.

When the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) Kaduna State, ASP Aliyu was contacted for comments, he directed our correspondent to the DPO Sabon Tasha Division.



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