Australian senator breastfeeds her daughter in Parliament during sitting

An Australian senator made political history on Tuesday by becoming the first woman to breast-feed a baby in the country’s federal parliament.

Larissa Waters, the co-deputy leader of Australia’s Green party, breast-fed her daughter, Alia, in the senate chamber during a vote.

Waters just returned to parliament for the first time after giving birth to Alia, her second daughter, earlier this year. Waters shared a photo of the historic moment on Twitter, which has received hundreds of retweets and responses.

Last year, she pushed for changes in the Australian Senate to allow new mothers and fathers to take care of their newborns in parliament. Children were banned from the chamber under previous rules. The Senate and House of Representative both adapted the new rules, making it a “family friendly” parliament in Australia.



  1. See a progressive Country!! If it was Nigerian Senate , you will have the uninformed like DINO MELAYE AND OTHERS SAYING THAT THE SENATE IS NOT A PLACE FOR SUCH!!! Goes to show lack of progressive and intelligent mind!

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