(Final Episode 24) The Devil’s Gambling Table…

(Final Episode 24) The Devil’s Gambling Table…


Derek: “So how were you able to convince her grandparents? I’m not saying I will agree to that yet o”

Anita: “Well it wasn’t easy actually but when I told them all she had been through and the fact that she had met them just once before and wouldn’t even recognise them and the fact that she needed stability and I was willing to provide that for her. I could be a mother and you, a father to her. I was the one told them they will continue being her family and will even have more access to her now than they did before”

Derek: “Hmmmmmm…you are worded mehn! And you are a good woman Annie. I am the luckiest man on earth right now. How did you come about this idea of yours though? I wouldn’t have been able to think of it myself” he was full of admiration for me, making my head swell uncontrollably.

Anita: “I just don’t want her being sad all her life. I don’t want her to go back to living on edge. And she is already getting used to me. I really like her. I like her very very much I don’t want her out of my reach”

Derek: “Okay sweetie. Know I am support of whatever you decide to do. We are in this together and we will surely give her the best, help heal those scars in her heart and her body. We will try all we can” he said, holding me against his chest. I could hear his heart pimping aggressively. We were alive, and we were making this decision together. I felt on top of the world, blessed and graced. What patience can do.



I couldn’t help but overhear their discussion. I could not believe my luck.  I who had always gotten rejected, I who had always been mocked and used is now being loved to this extent. I couldn’t contain my joy, I ran out and joined in their embrace even though I was not up to their height.

Rose: “Thanks Annie. No! thanks mum, I will call you two mum and dad from now on” I said excitedly and they both laughed.

Anita: “We are more than glad to have you in our lives baby”

Derek: “I guess we just had a child out of wedlock. Honey please marry me before we become the talk of the town” he said and went on his knees, brought out a ring from his pocket and held it in front of her. “I was going to this later today in a five star hotel but I just can’t postpone it anymore. What better time than now in front of our daughter? Will you marry me Annie?”

The two of us were dumbfounded…

Anita and I: “Yes yes yes” we said jumping up. I felt like I was the one being proposed to, I was extremely happy I didn’t know when I said yes yes yes. He slipped the ring into her third finger, I turned away when they started to kiss.



My father’s lawyers tried all they could in court to prove he wasn’t guilty of the charges levelled against him by saying he had a history of mental illness and my claims were also as a result of the mental illness I must have inherited from him. They even went as far as pleading with the judge to take me and my dad to a mental home instead. At some point I was afraid I was going to be locked up in a psychiatrist hospital but thank God for the tests carried out on me and the scars on my body. He was found guilty and sentenced to thirty years imprisonment with hard labour. He later died in his third year there. Francis on his part was found guilty of murder. He was sentenced to death by hanging and before he was hung, it was reported that every day he spent in prison was like hell for him, he got raped every single day by men who were just like him. it got to a point that he almost committed suicide, he prayed for death and it found him when at last he was hanged.

Anita and Derek got married in a most beautiful way, we all lived together even when they gave birth to their own child, a son. My grand-parents seldom came to see me. I was made to go to Oxford University in UK for my university education even though I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay with my kid brother and parents.

I became a Girls’ Right Activist after my university education when I came back to Nigeria and realised there were many girls going through the same stuffs I went through. I couldn’t let that happen, I went from school to school, town to town, city to city, educating girls on their rights and how they shouldn’t keep silent about any form of abuse they were going through. They deserve to be heard and helped. I provided scholarship to as many as I could, sheltered some just the same way Annie and Derek did for me.

I thank God for my struggles and where I have been through. His grace sustained me, saw me through and gave me a home, a family and a voice which can be heard far and wide.



IF I told you I don’t bless God for making me adopt that girl I’d be lying. She brought so many blessings to my home after we adopted her. Favours poured in from every angle and before we knew it, we were being used as an example of humanitarian couples all over the country. The evil men do surely do catch up with them no matter how hidden it is now, someday, It will surely be revealed. My baby girl became a poet and an activist for girls passing through the same stuffs she did and I am so proud of her. She will be getting married next month and I just can’t help but thank God for the man she is going to marry too.

Andre was her classmate who taunted her so much in high school. He told me how he regretted everything he did after she left. He actually liked her then and that was the reason he did all that, just to find excuses to talk to her. Well he is a good guy too, I and Derek are going to give them the best during their wedding for sure.

Thanks guys for reading this story too, your comments were well appreciated and just so you know, we read them all. If you may share your thoughts on this story and the lessons learnt if any? thanks again!

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  1. Tnx adelove, I evn got emotionally attached to d story,cos it was affecting my mood. I felt for rose. Though she a child but a lot of women also go tru such abuse and dey kip quiet abt it. HUMANBEINGS DO NT CHANGE, so once u see any aorta of brutality in ur man, just run for ur dear like and don’t hope he will change cos he won’t. Tnx once again to dis team.

  2. Thanks Annie and Derek for ur love
    wat a world of
    heartless men
    i pray dat God ll help does experience same situation to speak out n seek for help

  3. It’s a 1daful story full of suspense,exciting,fear and intrigued thumb up for ads love looking forward to the next story.

  4. Hello ALC&Fs,

    It’s simply an amazing world we’re in where a bunch of imperfect items mysteriously birth perfect and beautiful things.

    Thanks ALC for sharing, I am sure many fans like me have again been blest by this piece.

    Up &Forward

  5. The major lesson is to always open up and trust someone when you going through things you don’t know or can’t withstand so as to share the emotional burden

  6. God bless u @ Adelove..You people are the best. More grace…One good turn deserves another..Some people have either helped or ignored helping Angels without their knowledge..We need to represent Jesus all the days of our lives..

  7. Nice story.there sure is a silver line at the end of every tunnel.i am happy for her and i pray we ladies dn’t fall inlove with the wrong guy in Jesus name.thanks Adelove and crew

  8. Nice story with a happy ending. Still cnt believe some men could be soo mean! Gotta tread with caution….

  9. Lessons for ladies killing themselves for nothing sake, please anytime the kitchen is hot, dont hesitate to get out of the kitchen before it gets infectious. Weldone Adelove and crew, more wisdom and grace, thumb up.

  10. wonderful, peace at last. Am so happy for Rose for not being in d Shadow of herself. Anita is really a mother and God sent to Rose. well done guys, more Grace to you all

  11. I had goose bumps all over me, like seriously this is so touching, so happy for Rose, Annie and Derek….. Thanks a bunch Adelove & crew, more grease to your elbow

  12. It so interesting….. To ladies if a man never love you, don’t force yourself on him….. And to man if you propose to lady nd she never agree abeg leave ha alone….don’t over react

  13. to Ahunli love is not something that you force on people, is a good thing to love, but when that love is not reciprocated u let go, u let my rose went through all these bcos of your undying love for that lunatic.

    to Francis you Dnt have any reason or what so ever to justify ur act, u are just a psycho. thanks to Annie and Derek for helping rose heal and accepting her despite all odd. thanks adelove, this is my favourite story.

  14. so touching and interesting! I did learn a lot from ds story. say no to any form of Abuse and speak up wen u can before its too late. Also don’t force ursef on any body because d end might be disastrous. so would for Rose and Wia she has gotten to now. kudos Adelove. ur d best…..

  15. Wow…. what a story so ful of lessons,pour out wateva dat is disturbin u to a person(s) dat can solve it nt just anyhow peep and love does nt hurt or kil, love is sweet and heal.Thanks so much adelove 4 dis moral story love u guys lyk diamond..

  16. wao….. what a happy ending, the story is so interesting!!!!. I still blame ahunli for everything because I see no reason why she should force herself on a guy!!! He doesn’t even show any iota of love, yet she think she can change him and make him a better man. When you are showing love and you are getting nothing but hatred in return, why dont you just let the man be!!!!! I am just happy for Rose, even though she has been abused and traumatised, God still show her His kindness, and she was able to survive and live happily after!!!!
    As for the silly francis, What kind of love is that???
    As for Annie and Derek, thanks for helping the poor girl!!!!
    Adelove and crew……..God will continue to uphold you…

  17. aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww Adelove muuuuuaaaahhhh to you and your crew. Thanks for giving that poor girl justice and a new family. You too much o. May God continue to give you more wisdom to keep feeding us with lovely life touching stories. *Kisses*

  18. Dont force yourself on a man because if you do you will hate yourself at the end. Girls be warned. Nice story. Thanks Adelove

  19. Honestly Adelove, I felt like entering this story to fight for Rose, I wish I could. But God intervened. I can’t stop smiling, in fact I’ll be smiling even in my sleep Lol! Mt joy knows no bounds right now. Adelove I’ve learnt a lot o- Why do we women always say if not him, I won’t marry another especially if the man isn’t interested in us at all? May God continue to open our eyes in Jesus’ name Amen!

  20. Hmmmm,its a gracious ending. Which Ahunli has choosen d right path of love n end d story well with her girl. Serves bth ola n francis right. Kudos to annie bravery,love and derek’s support 4 Rose. I really enjoy d story frm d start to these end,also gain personally. Much thanks to adelove and crew 4 sharing us these stories, more wisdom to ur knowledge. Goodnight Alf.

  21. I was actually thinking of visiting my doctor cos of dis story but thank Godit has ended n I kw dat both Anita n Roser safe. Prayer works wonders God is never late. Thanks Adelove for dis heart touching and happy ending story God bless u and ur crew. Good night

  22. My thoughts on this story. Wow, thank God it ended d way it did. I want to implore our girls to please for the same of your sanity, self esteem, self worth & integrity never ever force yourself on any man. If you must be with someone: be with someone who also want to be with you, if you must love someone;love someone who also loves u in return. Never force yourself on any man, never(and i mean NEVER) force pregnancy on any man(a lot of ladies out there does it thinking that the guy will av no other choice but 2 be with u), you’re worth more Dan that, if a guy doesn’t love u or doesn’t want to be with u pls let him go. And to the mothers out there, please let’s educate our children on sexual abuse, sexual harassment, let’s help dem embrace puberty, let’s tell dem to speak up, let dem know d signs of sexual abuse. This story is well packed with the information that we need to raise our daughters, pls let then read it. Let them tell u when/if daddy/uncle/ teacher or brother touches them in their private parts or ask them to show him her pants, bra or breasts( to see how big or small it is) that’s where it all starts. Tell dem never to feel threatened by anyone. Thanks and God bless.

  23. God bless Annie and Derek, i wish they should b people like them out there. Hmm learnt hw to control feelings instead of being controlled by ur feelings, and seek God first in any relationship. Let God, cos his gift is d best, no sorrow no pain.

  24. Jezzzzzzzzz, this is wonderful Adelove you guys are too much. What a happy ending wowooooooo, God must surely bless you for making us happy. Kudos!!!!!!!

  25. Adelove…u be original love gan gan …wat an interesting story……i sight u all…kip it up …more plss

  26. Am very happy Adelove, Amy and the rest of the crew…thank you all. With stories like this,girls will know their right and stop dying in silence. The story was indeed great and I pray for more wisdom to you all ADELOVE AND CREW…Good and proud to be a fan.

  27. Show love to those who deserve it and let dem no I u truly feel about them. Olamide loved Ahunli but he didn’t show it instead he maltreated her and she on d other hand keeps loving him despite his rejection…what a life

  28. hmmm thank God it ended well, tanks to u guys for dis piece is wonderful and heart breaking too. ladies should b very careful wen it comes to relationship many ladies chose for demselfs not God and at d end suffer a great deal. women are have alot of work to do especially in regards to our female children is our duty to protect dem frm abusive father, uncles and neighbours just b vigilant and follow ur instincts wen something seems not right u will get to know and educate ur child well on matters like dis. To our TEACHERS we are closer to dis children even more dan d parents so wen a child is insecure we should know and always try to know ur students their entry behaviour so dat if notice a withdrawal or any form of distance in a child, we try to win d child confident by being a teacher and a counsellor dis will help d children to tell us things dat dey are unable to tell peers or parent. God will use us to change dis corrupt society

  29. Hmmmmmm,a lot has been learnt For real and right now am still speechless. I lack words to type,as in eeeh?

  30. love cannot be forced….all this were because of ahunli’s stupid feelings despite being warned severally by her frnd.she let her emotions overcloud her judgement,jeopardized her life&that of her innocent child..lessons learnt.

  31. among the stories I have read so far, this story is one of the best, I can’t stop shading tears even as am typing this.
    this is a very heart touching story which all of us should learn from more especially the ladies, don’t force urself on someone who doesn’t want u.

  32. Yeah! A superb story, Adelove carry go.I really try to hold back my tears cos this story is what is happening now, I learnt a big lesson on this as well.

  33. I thanks God for the end of this story, may God bless Annie and Dere and spare their life to reap what they sowing.I thanks adelove too.May God continue to blessings you

  34. This is sensational! Happy Rose was able to find rehabilitation after all,as some weren’t lucky. Thumb up for Adelove. Ladies beware of ur choices

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