Tribalism Is Our Major Problem In Nigeria – Pastor Nlekwuma

Tribalism Is Our Major Problem In Nigeria - Pastor Nlekwuma

Owen Nlekwuma, Senior Pastor of Olivet Bible Church, has stated that tribalism is the major cause of corruption in the country, maintaining that lack of patriotism and loss of focus in churches caused the spread of corruption.

Nlekwuma spoke at a news conference on activities lined up for the fourth edition of the annual Greater Grace Conference, scheduled tol hold between May 10 and 14.

The theme of the conference is ‘Boundless’.

Nlekwuma said the church had failed to transform society because it kept growing without having a spiritual impact on the society.

According to him, tackling tribalism and using a nationalistic approach will solve a lot of problems.

He said: “There is a loss of focus and purpose in the church. The passion to be Christians in the 1970s and 80s can’t be compared to what is obtainable these days.

“Many don’t join churches for the reason it is for. They join just like they do with every other club. So, the church grows large; yet, its spiritual impact is not felt on society.

“Something is wrong. And part of it comes from the pulpit, because pastors teach about everything else but not how the individual can make eternal life.”


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