Tinubu, Jonathan Jam At Babangida Daughter’s Party

Tinubu, Jonathan Jam At Babangida Daughter's Party

Former military President Ibrahim Babangida, known in his heydays as Maradona, may still  be onto some boyish pranks or mischief.

At the wedding reception for Babangida’s second daughter, Halima in Minna today, Babangida or may be the event managers  put the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the man he played a pivotal role in ousting from office, Goodluck Jonathan, to sit side by side.

Babangida sits next to them, perhaps to be on the watch out in case of any problem.

But what we will they be discussing? What will be coursing through the minds of the two politicians? Did Tinubu ask Jonathan when he would write the story of the election he lost to Muhammadu Buhari? And so on.

Give us your own conjecture here!

Well apart from the oddity of Jonathan and Tinubu sitting together, we also found the women separated from the men.




  1. By rank Tinubu and Saraki are not rivals. Saraki is not 3 citizen on record. Tinubu has never been a senate president, not to talk of vice President of FRN no 2. Tinubu has to climb two step b4 being at the category of ex head of state. So Tinubu and GEJ are not in the same level.

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