(Episode 20) Swimming in Troubled Waters … Love Hurts!

David got up to walk away but Kunle stopped him.

Kunle: “you haven’t said anything and you are walking away?” he asked.

David: “What do you want me to say? Your suggestion is as stupid as it is weird. You are a Christian and so am I, how can you even suggest such an ungodly thing?” he asked while standing.

Kunle: “it is just a suggestion; I didn’t say that you must heed it”. Kunle was beginning to feel guilty.

David: “there is no need suggesting it in the first place, it will only complicate issues for me”. He remarked sadly.

Kunle: “okay, let’s do it this way. How about you get someone who would only act as your second wife or mistress? I mean everything will just be scripted, there won’t be any form of intimacy between you too. How about that?” he asked peering into his friend’s eyes.

David: “I don’t understand you man, you have ended up making me more confused than I was when I came out here”.

Kunle smiled, he knew that David was not one to be easily persuaded.

Kunle: “you see my friend you really don’t know much about women and that is because you have always stayed away from women until you met Lola who stole your heart away. Women hate competition and are naturally jealous. If you bring a woman who would act as your second wife or mistress into the house, your wife will wake up to her responsibilities. Trust me, she would even beg you to make her pregnant because no woman would want another woman to give her husband his first child. Once she begins to act as the wife that she is, you pay off the other woman, end of the movie”. He explained.

David shook his head. “Which woman in her right senses would agree to play such a role considering the risk involved?” he asked.

Kunle: “why won’t she agree to do it if the pay is good? If women can sell their bodies which are the temple of the Holy Spirit for money, what will they not do for money? By the way, which risk are you talking about?” he asked.

David: “You are asking me which risk? Are you not the one who is claiming mastery in understanding women? Don’t you know that jealous women are dangerous women? Have you never heard that hell knows no fury like a woman who is scorned? My dear, when a woman loves you, she would move mountains for you, break her and heart and she will not hesitate to go to any length to drop those mountains on your head”.

Kunle: “I….” he started to say.

David interrupted him. “just forget it, ko le werk, Lola will just throw me out of her house. Maybe you have forgotten that she got that house and everything in it. It’s break time, let’s do go for lunch”.


David: “mama go to your room and sleep, it is almost 10pm”, he told his mother who was watching TV in the sitting room with him.

Mama David: “I am enjoying this TV programme, you can go to bed, I will turn off the fuse and bulb when I am ready to sleep”, she lied to her son. The reason why she wanted to remain in the sitting room was because she wanted to be there when Lola would come in. She didn’t know the sort of job that could keep a married woman away from her house from early morning to 10pm. Today was the third day since she came and she was yet to have any discussion with Lola and that was because Lola always went to work even before she woke up in the morning and would return after she had retired to bed. Mama David was determined to have that discussion tonight and not even her son could dissuade her.

David: “okay, mama”. I will just go and sleep, I had a long day at work today”. He bid her a good night rest and went upstairs.

Almost 30 minutes after her son left for bed as she was beginning to drift off to sleep, she heard the security man open the gate and her daughter in law drove in, she sat up and cleaned her eyes. Lola was surprised when she saw her mother in law still awake in the sitting room.

Lola: “mama, did you sleep off in the sitting room or something? Where is David and why didn’t he wake you up to go to your room?” she hugged the bewildered woman.

Mama David: “Lola, I am the mother of your husband, there is an acceptable way to talk to elders. You have to first of all greet me before you say any other thing”.

Lola: “oh really? Okay, good evening ma. I need to rush up, shower and sleep, I am so tired. I’ll see you tomorrow”. She started to walk away but stopped when she heard her mother in law’s voice.

Mama David: “Which tomorrow? Does your tomorrow ever come?” she asked getting up from the sofa she was sitting on.

Lola: “What is it, mama? I don’t like your tone this evening. I can perceive some unwarranted hostility towards me and its making me very uncomfortable. Did anything happen while I was away?” she asked impatiently.

Mama David: “Lola my daughter, come and sit down. I need to have a very important heart to heart discussion with you”. She said calmly.

Lola: “Can’t it wait? It is already late”.

“It can’t”, the sad woman replied.

Lola sat down, albeit reluctantly. “I am all ears”, she said.

Mama David: “I will just go straight to the point because as you rightly said, the day is far spent. It is about your inability to conceive yet, what is the problem? Talk to me, I am your mother”.

Lola: “Inabilityke? I am able to bear children”. The topic of the discussion was already making her uncomfortable.

Mama David: “Then where are the children and where is the pregnancy? You have been married for 2 years, that is more than enough time to get pregnant and give birth to a child”. She chided.

Lola: “it is not about how long one has been married. One should have children when one is ready to give them the time necessary to bring them up appropriately. It is not right for one to have children and then leave them at the mercy of other people to train, the long term psychological effect of that absence of intimacy between a child and his or her mother is negative. I studied this in my psychology classes so I know I know what I am talking about”. She said.

Lola: “what is stopping you from having the time to be with your child if you have one now?”

Lola: “I am a career woman, there is a point I will get to that I will have time for such luxuries. This is the 21st century, a woman’s success is not measured by the number of children she has, there is more to life than just having children”, she was beginning to get very restless.

Mama David: “you call having children for your husband a luxury? Of course there is more to life than just having children but having children is one of the assignments given to humans by God when He said we should go into the world and multiply. When you think like this, do you consider your husband at all? In marriage, we don’t think of ourselves alone, we consider our spouses too and that its why two becomes one after marriage”. She advised.

Lola: “Did David complain to you?” she was trying so hard to control her temper which was rising.

Mama David: “that he didn’t complain doesn’t mean that he is okay with your decision. Why did you get married then? You should have waited till when you have time for luxuries like having children before you think of getting married”. She asked sarcastically.

Lola: “mama please, pity me, I need to go to bed so that I can wake up early enough tomorrow”.

Mama David: “hmmn, Lola, the success of marriages lie largely on the woman, I can confidently say that your husband was happier when he was single than he is now and you are to be blamed for it, you do not have time for your home, your husband makes his food and cleans the house and on top of that you will not give him children. If you push him out, there are millions of women out there who are more than willing to accept him as he is and give him enough children, male, female, twins, triplets, quadruplets, anything, you just name it”.She tried to talk as calmly as possible.

Lola: “Mama, I am sure that when David ran complaining to you, he didn’t tell you that I sustain him with the money I make from my career. I work hard to earn extra so I can take care of his needs, how much do we spend in maintaining this house in a month? How much is his salary? I shop for him anytime I shop for myself, he eats whatever he wants from any restaurant in town, I gave him one of my cars and I maintain it for him, the list is endless. If I don’t work hard, we will soon go bankrupt this recession. Yes, my parents are wealthy but just like my mother, I am an independent woman, I don’t depend on their money, nobody can take my independence away from me”. He defended herself.

Mama David: “I have spoken to you the way a mother will speak to her own daughter. It is left for you to heed my advice or not. A word they say is enough for the wise”. She got up and left for her room.

Lola ran upstairs, opened the door so suddenly that David woke up startled.

Lola: “David, your mother has to leave tomorrow; she has over stayed her welcome in my house”. She shouted at him.

David: “What?” he was finding it difficult to believe that he was not dreaming.

Lola: “she leaves this house tomorrow and that is final!”

Question: Just when we thought the conflict is about to be resolved, it takes another turn. If you were David and your wife threatens to throw your mother out, what will you do?

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    • although David is d cause of all d nonsense going on cos he was engrossed in lola’s money n neva listened to his mother

      • But to look at the matter……..David is not at fault,neither should we blame him………………….when there is love ,age and money doesn’t matter,so the wifi should be blame cos she brags alot……………if i were to be david,i will just go for enitan

  1. Hi ALC&Fs,

    Interesting. I keep on insisting that all this mess has resulted from David’s undoing.
    Leave her to suit herself of course.


    • He didn’t play his cards right at all….he was too uptight. No initiative to capitalize on the good fortune around him. He was even desperate for the matrimonial bed…..no I disapprove. If it comes to that he can either take momsy home or they both use a lodge that night.

  2. well….if am her husband she won’t dare cos if my mother leaves I’ll leave with her..and David u better take kunles advice if u love urself

  3. David has no choice…… De house is not his so she can carry on her threat. 2moro we will know how it all ended.

  4. David should borrow liver and act like a man for once in his life.
    Kunle’s advice to get Lola jealous would have been ideal, but with Lola, the outcome can’t be predicted

  5. When she leaves I mean my mother then I leave too..chikena.
    Is high time David should talk some senses to Lola, take his stand about issues,iñfact leave the house for her for a while,to see her reaction, with that he will know if she really cares or not…
    But Lola,hummmmmmmm. I just dey Pitt you ..

  6. Throw my Mom away? Mbanuu, That’s very bad of Lola, if it’s her Own Mother will she talk like that. David Ntoo gi, that’s what you deserve.

  7. Its better I go back to d scratch than been oppressed because of low finance..say no to oppression..

  8. Point of correction Adelove. I can not be David and he has no option than to let his mother leave d house bcos d house belong to his wife.

  9. david has to obey the last order,when he is nt contributing to anything in that house,lola is the man of the house,inconclusion lola need a rival that will make her to regards her husband.

  10. Actually, am not David and I can’t be David but if it happens that way I will just tell her that as my mum leaves the house tomorrow I will also leave, just to threaten her maybe she will adjust

  11. dat marriage must be stupid, who marriage help? pls to hell wit her cos if she insist my mum is going den David should also go with his mum Ofcousre

  12. The house is Lola’s, she has the right to throw anybody she feel like including David mother and himself.

  13. David should try Kunle suggestion on her to know her reaction n get ready for divorce if nt ready to change. The issue is d foundation is nt rite from onset. Lola purposely go for David knowing well she can’t try those rubbish wit Henry.

  14. David, David, David how many times did I call u? Use ur senses while they r still intact. U can borrow Kunle’s sense n see what happens. As for telling Mama to go u better handle it with care bcos mothers r not bought no matter what.

  15. I will not say anything to her I will then leave her house with my mother.Take her home then square with kinky until he can get a place of his thank GOd he is working.

  16. David should leave if Lola send his mum out and if lola is d one footing d bill for d past two years den Dave should av bin able to save some money during those periods so he should b man enough to face his wife

  17. Dave should go wit his mum n live her to her luxuries life she cared about. I v made mention of kunle’s suggestion on previous comment,its not bad giving it a thought. It will do u good Dave. Remain little u will be disgrace lola.

  18. I will go and rent an affordable one room seft contend ,,, and tell her to move in with me if she which,, a woman shld live wit her husband,,,, and not the order way round….

  19. Am just happy for David he didn’t leave his teaching job Kudos to him for that. But, with the issue at hand, I will just leave with my mother, I will send mother home 1st settle with Kunle for awhile look for my own apartment continue with my life without any emotions attached, its a decision I have to make and keep.

  20. Its not a problem. I will not even say anything after the threat, i will simply follow my mother!!! Gaskiya

  21. David doesn’t av any say as he is d woman while Lola is d man, he doesn’t av anything in dt house nor has he contributed to d well-being of d so called marriage. he shudnt take it lightly and if Lola persists, he shud leave d house wt his mother and let Lola enjoy her career. I still ask y did she get married in d first place? Gud radiance to bad rubbish……..

  22. This is d cross David have to carry, i will beg her to give Mumcy two or three days, so i can discuss wit mom nd give her reasons to leave in other not to suspects my wife throwing her out. Then i can deal with her personally after.

  23. David should stand his feet as the man of the house for once even if he is not the one providing for their needs.

  24. Hmmm, I dey pity David. That is why a man should work hard before going into marriage, when a woman begins to take the place of a man, that marriage is already heading for doom.
    If i’m David, I’ll kindly leave that house for her and beg mama to go back to keffi, while I pack my stuff out of the house.

  25. If i were David, i’ll respect Lola’s wish by leaving the house with my mother, though i can never be David

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