Adeleke: Nurse not truthful on administered drugs – Police

Adeleke: Nurse not truthful on administered drugs – Police

Police toxicology report on the pathological examination carried out on Osun State senator, Isiaka Adeleke, showed the lawmaker was administered with gentamicin shortly before his death contrary to claims by Alfred Aderibigbe, the nurse who administered the drugs, a police official said.

Mr. Aderibigbe, who said he was a Chief Nursing Officer at Comprehensive Health Centre, Edunabon, Osun State, had during his evidence before the Coroner Inquest on Thursday, denied administering Gentamicin on the senator while treating him for gout.

He said he diluted Hydrocortisone in fluid and gave Metamyzole, Diazepam, Pentazocine and Analgin intramuscular to the deceased.

However, a police forensic expert Benedict Agbu, who conducted the examination indicated in the report presented before the coroner on Friday, said that Mr. Adeleke was administered with Gentamicin before his death.

The report, which was admitted in exhibit at the coroner, disclosed that Metamyzole, Diazepam, Pentazocine and Analgin were administered on Mr. Adeleke intravenously contrary the claims made by Mr. Aderibigbe before the coroner.

The report stated that analyses of the findings in the blood and urine samples taken from Mr. Adeleke’s corpse proved negative result for the presence of chlorinated hydrocarbon herbicides, organo-paosforous pesticide, rodenticides, metallic poison, cyanide and tri-cylic anti-depressants.

“The digested food particles were found in the gastric content but no drug particle was found in the exhibit,” the report read in part.

“Diazepam, Pentazocine, Analgin, Hydrocortisone and Gentamicin were confirmed in the blood and urine samples submitted.

“Metamyzole and its Metabolites 27.2ug/ml, Hydrocortisone 9.25ug/ml, Gentamicin 17.4ug/ml, Pentazocine 4.5ug/ml, Diazepam 12.2 ug/ml, also urine Diazepam concetration 7.1ug/ml.

“Fatalities have been reported at the following blood concentration: Metamyzole (Analgin) 22.0ug/ml, Pentazocin, 1.2ug/ml, Gentamicin 12ug/ml, Diazepam, 5.0ug/ml, hydrocortisone, 3.7ug/ml.

“The confirmation of Diazepam, Pentazocine, Hydrocortisone and alcohol with the established concentration in the body of the deceased is capable of producing a fatal Synergetic Hypertensive and respiratory depressive effect. With the route of the delivery (intravenous) of the drugs, the effect will be sudden and capable of occurring in minutes.

“The presence of alcohol was also confirmed in the blood, urine and gastric content with concentration of 450ug/ml, 215ug/ml and 562ug/ml respectively. The blood concentrations of the drugs are above the levels known to cause fatalities.

“Such fatalities have been reported in literature. The low concentrations of the substances in the gastric content are as a result of the route of administration of the drugs,” the report said.

Meanwhile, the police commented on receiving the autopsy report ahead of the deceased’s family, saying it was standard practice that when Form B and C are served on pathologists, the report of the autopsy is submitted to the police and not family members.

It argued before the coroner that the essence of submitting the report to the police, upon a request for autopsy, was to enable the police pursue criminal prosecution when necessary, hence the duplication and submission of such ‎to the State Ministry of Justice for legal advice.

‎The Coroner also heard that the Adeleke family did not order for the autopsy carried out on the deceased.

A reply of the principal of the School of Nursing, Osogbo, for the confirmation of Mr. Aderibigbe’s Nursing certificate were produced and admitted as exhibits at the coroner.

The toxicology reports, Mr. Aderibigbe’s statement before the police were also tendered as exhibits.

A lawyer, who was observing the proceeding, Basiru Ajibola, urged the Coroner to call back Mr. Aderibigbe for clarifications on his evidence which contradicted the toxicology report.

But the Coroner, Magistrate Olusegun Ayilara, declined, saying there was no need to recall Aderibigbe because the coroner would work on the reports and evidences admitted so far.

He also called on members of the public to submitt memorandum on the matter.

Consultant Anatomic Pathologist at the Ladoke Akintola University Teaching Hospital (LAUTECH), Solaja Olufemi, also denied the claim that the late Isiaka Adeleke’s family ordered for the autopsy carried out on the deceased.

Mr. Solaja, while testifying stated that none of the family of the deceased asked him to conduct the post mortem.

“I was served the autopsy forms by the police and it was signed by Coroner Dorcas Ajiboye,” he said.

“Since it was the Coroner who ordered the autopsy, I am entitled to submit the autopsy report back to her via the police, not to any family member or anybody else.”

Asked if the deceased’s family members were aware that the Coroner ordered for the autopsy, Solaja said the order was served on him by the police in their presence.



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