Nigerians In UK Fight Landlord With Planks (Video)

Nigerians In UK Fight Landlord With Planks (Video)

Footage video of two Nigerians trying to hit their white landlord in the UK with a plank while he evicted them from his house has taken over the cyberspace.

One of them was heard telling one of the white guys “You’re a coward. Do something and show who you be. Hit me. I say hit me, you coward.”

While the other told the landlord, “Old man, you should be in your house drinking tea but here you are battling with small boys.”

Then addressing his brother, he added, “Leave them, we’ll deal with them. We’ll deal with them.”




  1. Hoping they resolve their differences amicably and quickly Civil attitudes always higher in the human behavioural scale.

  2. These guys are behaving badly, see the dirty house they are fighting for I’m sure they’re not paying rent there.

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