We’re not against Buhari’s anti-corruption war – Senators

We’re not against Buhari’s anti-corruption war - Senators

Senators yesterday said they are not against President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war, saying they were rather complementing it. They said contrary to the views being expressed in some quarters, there is more than enough proof to show that they are working to strengthen the anti-corruption process.

The senators, in a statement by their spokesman, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, acknowledged  the successes and achievements recorded so far by the Buhari administration in the bid to eradicate corruption.

“Available facts point to the fact that the 8th Senate is really complementing the efforts of the executive arm in order to achieve better results. On Wednesday this week alone, two anti-corruption bills passed the second reading stage in the senate and were referred to relevant committees for further action. The bills are:1) the Proceeds of Crime Bill and 2.)Assets Forfeiture Bill. Both bills are private member bills sponsored by Senators. A third anti-corruption bill is already in the works.

“Also, on Wednesday, the senate passed a motion in which it resolved that all statutory corporations should submit their budget estimates within two weeks and should refrain from spending money on capital projects.

“This is a strong move to block loopholes through which revenues due to government are being siphoned. That is sure one of the boldest moves to stop corruption in revenue generating agencies,” they said.




  1. The senate must prove they are not against anti corruption war by forcing Saraki and all other senates who are under EFCC investigation to step down
    Besides Malaye’s certificate forgery case must be referred to the police for proper investigation
    The senate should also desist from the negative act of humiliating anti corruption agents by aptly summoning them to the appear before the senate to be ridiculed
    This is the only way the senate can restore it’s credibility

  2. When the Senate president himself is corruption encapsulated. It is only God that can help us fight corruption in this country.

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