Nigerians deserve to know if Buhari is dead or not – FFK

Nigerians deserve to know if Buhari is dead or not – FFK

Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, has called on the Nigerian presidency to clear the air on reports that President Muhammadu Buhari is dead.

Fani-Kayode on Tuesday lamented that instead of responding to the words of Eric Joyce, the former British MP who said that Buhari had died in a London hospital, Femi Adesina, presidential adviser on media, in an essay titled, “They Learnt Nothing and They Forgot Nothing,” refused to clarify the matter.

He advised Adesina, “to firstly stop worshiping the government and secondly to seek the face of God on this matter.”

“I also advise him to forget Buhari because it is all over for him. He will never be the same again. This is because the blood of the innocents and the souls of the wounded and tortured are speaking against him before the Lord of Hosts and the God of Heaven.

“Our President did not just kill thousands before, during and after our civil war but he also committed the crudest and most primitive form of hideous gang rape and violent armed robbery against the Nigerian nation-state by toppling a democratically-elected government in 1983 before he himself was toppled two years later.

“In his essay Adesina claimed that Buhari is “not corrupt” yet what greater act of corruption, betrayal and treachery can there possibly be than the murderous, barefaced, brazen sacking, robbing, stealing and pillaging of a nations ENTIRE government and the violent imposition of one man’s will over 100 million people with the barrel of a gun. That is precisely what General Muhammadu Buhari did to Nigeria in 1983.

“Not only that but he also placed a dark and evil veil over our nation, unleashed hell and mayhem on thousands of innocent people, locked them up for no just cause, unjustly applied retroactive laws, destroyed many great men and prominent families, increased the suffering of the poor and sent thousands of people to an early grave.

“Adesina should stop attempting to sell his repugnant “Buhari is the Messiah” gospel, rid himself of what Dr. Reuben Abati, the former Special Advisor on Media to President Goodluck Jonathan, recently described as “the Villa curse”, move on with his life and let the dead bury the dead.

“He should stop behaving like the stubborn fly that insists on following the corpse into the grave. He should spend far more time seeking the face and counsel of the Lord and in deep introspection.

“He should consider the sheer evil that his principal has unleashed on the Nigerian people and the injustice, wickedness and barbarity that he has soiled his hands with over the last two years.”



  1. Those that pillaged Nigeria for sixteen years are not deserving of death.Its a man who rattled them out of governance and is putting his best despite ill health that must die?
    What untrammelled philistinism,reckless diabolism and most uncautionable conversation.
    Buhari’s mortality is not at Ffk’s venal disposal.How is he sure he may not die before the president?

  2. In one moment FFK is there advicing Femi Adesina to seek the face of God
    The next moment he is reeling out all sorts of conspiracy theories and devilish wishes towards the president
    Apparently FFK appears every bit a miserable man with deep seated inner emotional and psychological torture
    This is evident in the loads of negative thought pattern and words being expressed by him
    Obviously he needs help to ease up and to get back into the right frame of mind

    • Sunny baba, Your view speaks my mind and, I’m sure, those of many right thinking people.
      I hesitate to say it, but I truly believe something requires urgent attention in FFK’s head. Great conversation, Bo’s.

  3. Buhari is alive the only thing that’s clearly dead in Nigeria today is the evil and corruption laden party you belong, stupid haters

  4. To hell with prophet FFK. Even if buhari is dead, wats is problem. I believe God will strengthen him for Nigeria.

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