Fasting, prayer alone can grow Nigeria – Okupe replies Osinbajo

Fasting, prayer alone can grow Nigeria – Okupe replies Osinbajo

A former media aide to Nigeria’s immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan, Doyin Okupe, has disagreed with Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, on his comment that prayer and fasting alone cannot help grow the country.

Osinbajo, while addressing civil servants in Abuja pointed out that prayer and fasting alone cannot help grow Nigeria if the needed hardwork is not put into it.

But Okupe, reacting via his twitter handle, @DoyinOkupe, quoted some portions of the bible to back up his claims that prayer and fasting can actually help Nigeria out of the current economic situation and other crisis.

He wrote, “I beg to disagree with VP, yes there is no substitute to hardwork but that alone can’t make a nation great but fasting and prayer certainly will.

“We can neither limit the extent of God’s power nor can we compartmentalize his area of influence. God is sovereign. He can do any and all things.

“Jehoshaphat army did not have to fight. They did not lift a finger. God fought their battles. They did not have to lift a finger but yet had victory.

“2nd Kings chapter 3 :17 KJV: ‘For thus saith the Lord, yea shall not see wind, neither shall yea see rain; yet that valley shall be filled with water.”



  1. Mr. Okupe, what the Acting President said is that prayers and fasting alone can not take Nigeria out of recession but combined with plenty of hard work! So, with due respect, you actually have nothing to disagree with the VP!

  2. After Okupe has made his cool cash while serving under both Obasanjo and Jonathan, he now go about encouraging others to rely on prayer and fasting to succeed
    The height of hypocrisy

  3. Okupe’s opinion matters not anymore ever since he labelled himself a bastard. Never mind him quoting Bible verses; Satan too was versed in the knowledge of the scriptures.

  4. Osinbajo should also tell us that fasting and prayers only cannot heal Mr President,so we can STOP praying for him.But We KNOW THAT WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

    • The president is in an hospital and Doctors are working on him that is hard work on its own if we fast and pray for him then we are inviting God in to heal him and that is what the VP is saying

  5. Okupe seeking public relevance. Watch and pray is what bible said, not pray alone.
    Mr former looter, mind ya business.

  6. Ilupeju is of no relevance and he did not make any positive impact when he was a Government functionary !! Fasting and prayers are not sufficient to take this country or any other out of recession without focus and hard work!! Even the Bible condemns SLOTH!

  7. Imagine Rogue like Doyin okupe offering opinion..
    nonsense bastards that has already sucked the nation dry… useless people that never wish Nigeria well!

  8. We should take note of alone, he didn’t say fasting and praying cannot do it but there is a need for action.

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