Children’s Day Shout Out: Simple Ways To Pamper Your Child

Its  Children’s Day again! Special shout out to all the amazing, cute, beautiful and handsome children in the world. You are the leaders of tomorrow and we believe so much in you. Please mummies and daddies in the house, ensure that our children get the best of home training and education for that is the best legacy you can leave for them. Kindly ensure that you make out quality time for your children for nobody can give to your child what you as a mother or a father cannot give to him or her.

Pamper your children with love: Show them how much you love them on this very special day by spending quality time with them. Thank God it is a work free day so you have no excuse.

Buy them gifts: oh yes, we know that the economy is hard and families are finding it very difficult to feed how much having spare money for other things. However, Children’s Day is just once a year, so go out of your way to express love to your child by buying them that special gift that most not necessarily cost you a fortune.

Instil Godly values and Morals in them: yes, make out time today to speak with them about the need to practice good values and morals. Talk to them about God and His infinite love for them, encourage them to do good as one is bound to reap what he or she sows.

Encourage them to always open up to you: yeah, this is very important. Happy are those parents whose children confide in them rather than their peers. On this day, go out of your way to develop a good relationship with your children so that they can always open up to you when peer pressure comes crashing in heavily on them.

Please, do not over pamper or spoil your children or compare them to their mates who are faring better than them. Also, do not be too harsh on them as this can send them away from you.



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