Check out These Honeymoon Destinations

Wedding days are so magical, it is like we can be anyone we want to be on our wedding day. But a wedding day is not complete without a destination honeymoon. But that does not mean if you cannot afford a destination honeymoon, your wedding day is any less. The most important thing is that two souls have been bond together for life.

But if you love glamour and want to make picture perfect memories, check out these honeymoon destinations;

Riviera Maya, Mexico

It has beautiful beaches and a galore of activities, plus competitively priced hotels. So you get to make memories as the new Mr. and Mrs. without denting your pocket.


You can get the feel of the Maldives and Seychelles without going there, if you choose Jamaica. With its Island flair, exotic foods and cool local experiences, Jamaica will leave you saying, ‘Oh my Gawd’.

Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a more exotic destination, Sri Lanka is the best bet.  It has beautiful beaches with great cities and resorts that overlook the Indian Ocean. You will sure have Instagram-worthy pictures from this trip.

Puglia, Italy

This is for those who want a honeymoon filled with history and good food. With the view of picturesque houses built into hills, and a variety of sea food, Puglia in Italy is the best spot for a lean budget.

Niagara Falls

There’s a reason Niagara Falls has been referred to as the “Honeymoon Capital of World.” Beyond the thunderous waterfall, explore the area’s secluded nooks and paths. You can eat, drink, cook, cruise, climb, and bike without dropping a ton of cash.

Well, if you are like me who is not planning a wedding, more or less a honeymoon, you can just swoon over the places and add them to your travel bucket list. I have already done that.


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