(Episode 12) Heart of Man… Thorny Path of Memories

(Episode 12) Heart of Man... Thorny Path of Memories

She was surprised to find Patience was back so soon from work when she came out of the bathroom and found her lying on the bed and definitely in a bad mood.

Abigail: “Why are you back so soon dear? Did something happen?” she asked as she cleaned her body, still standing in front of the bathroom.

Patience: “Nothing happened. I am not feeling too well”

I don’t know what concerns you with whether I went to work or not bitch. I can’t wait to have you out of my life and soon. She cursed in her heart.

Abigail: “You are not feeling fine? Oh my God! Why didn’t you tell me?” she went closer to her and placed the back of her palm on her neck to feel her temperature.

Patience: “I said I am fine” she snapped and jumped out of her reach.

Abigail: “You seem to be in a foul mood too. I just hope all is well?”

Patience: “When are you getting the divorce papers ready?” even she heard the tone of contempt in her own voice.

Abigail: “Divorce? I never said I was going to divorce him. I am only here for the main time so he can learn his lessons. Isn’t that what we discussed? Besides, I think you should stop hating on him so much. He was your friend once” she berated her sister.

Patience: “I am not hating on him. I just hate the fact that he is making you go through hard times. Do you know what people say about you outside? Degrading and dirty stuffs. They said its better you divorce him than go back to the cripple” she said disdainfully.

Abigail: “Well they are entitled to their opinions but I don’t think divorcing him is the best option. Do not worry about me okay?”

Patience: “Okay!” she said and pretended to be sleeping.

You will not divorce him right? Don’t worry, I will make you. She thought and grinned contentedly without knowing her sister was still looking at her.

Abigail: “Why is she grinning like that? Hope she is not up to some kind of mischief?” she asked herself inwardly.


In the evening of that same day, she sneakily went out to meet one of her male friends whom she knew had her back any day, anytime. They met at a restaurant downtown.

Emeka: “Hello beautiful lady. I bin don dey wait since. Wetin happen?” he asked when he saw her walking towards him looking as grim as the grim reaper.

Patience: “I have something I want you to do for me Emekus” she said as she drew a chair out to sit opposite him. He was drinking Hero, an alcoholic drink which is very popular in the East.

Emeka: “Wetin?”

Patience: “I want you to help me deal with someone”

Emeka: “How?”

Patience: “You will need the help of another person and don’t worry about money, I will pay you any amount you want” she winked at him.

Emeka: “Me I no fit collect money for your hand na but I go give the other person you dey talk money, so tell me wetin you wan make I do first and I go do am shaperly. You be my babe na. I fit cut person head for you na na na if you want am” he stood up, brandishing his hands.

Patience: “Seat down. We go discuss am jare. Make e not too hot for your body”


Mr Nwokolo: “Who was the person?” he asked impatiently.

Dave: “Are you sure you saw the person Richie? Don’t accuse someone else unfairly o” he asked with beads of sweat forming on his forehead even inside the AC.

Richmond: “Where is mummy?” he said looking around the room.

Mr Nwokolo: “She is at the hospital with your wife. Now will you tell me who did it?”

Richmond: “It was…” he cast a sad look at his brother and back to the cook who knelt on the floor thinking she had been vindicated. “It was the cook” he revealed and tore his gaze away from her bewildered look.

Cook: “But it really isn’t me” she started rolling on the floor. “Please have mercy on me sir. I have cooked in this house for more than twenty years and I have never been caught even stealing your eggs. Why will I do a thing like this?”

Dave: “Poverty indeed is a disease. You must have been really desperate for you to have tried killing my own brother” he barked as the sweat on his forehead began to dry up immediately. He took a deep breath, heaved a sigh of relief and smiled. He was out of danger zone.

Richmond: “Dad please forgive her, she will never do it again” he said, kneeling at his dad’s feet and tugging childishly at the wrapper he had around his waist.

Mr Nwokolo: “I cannot forgive her Richie. She tried to kill you, she tried to kill my son” he bellowed.

Richmond: “She will not do it again. If you punish her or send the police here, I will run away and you will never see me again” he threatened.

Dave: “She needs to be punished for her misdeeds brother. I am calling the police with immediate effect. This was an attempted murder. It was murder actually, a baby died” he said with a deep scowl on his face.

Mr Nwokolo: “Richmond said we should forgive her so we will but she will no longer work in this house again. She is fired!” he said and stormed out of the sitting room.

Cook: “Thank you sir!” she said sadly, stood up and headed for her quarters with her hands on her head. “Where will I get another job from at this age? How will I feed my children and pay their school fees? I am just a widow with no family and now I am jobless too? God why? Why do you have to let the innocent suffer all the time?” she thought sadly as she began to pack her stuffs.


She ran like a mad man chasing nothing to her sister’s restaurant, clutching a brown envelope in her hands. She couldn’t wait to break the news to her, to see what her reaction would be and how she would still continue to defend him.

“She must realise how wicked men are, their hearts conceive nothing but evil all the days of their lives. I am never going to stay hooked to one man knowing how untrustworthy they can be. Just imagine what this one has done even though he is on a wheelchair? Yeah! This is exactly how I will say it to her” she thought and smiled contentedly.

Patience: “Abigail please come let me show you something” she went straight to her where she sat at the counter, having a conversation with one of the customers whose name was Ndubuisi. She shot him a cold look and dragged her sister out of the restaurant as people watched them.

Anigail: “What is wrong now? Are you going out of your mind? I was talking to a customer”

Patience: “you mean your admirer? Customer? If I hear” she said sarcastically.

Abigail: “Call it whatever you want. So what is so urgent, I have customers to attend to”

Patience: “I told you men cannot be trusted. I told you the heart of men is evil, I told you to remain on your own so you can live long but you refused” she said, brandishing the envelope in her face.


Dave walked towards his brother’s room on heavy legs. He needed to have that conversation with him before Ada got discharged from the hospital.

Dave: “Hey Richie. Thanks for saving the cook earlier” he tried to look and talk cheerfully as he climbed the bed with his sulking brother.

Richmond: “I still know the truth”

Dave: “What truth?” he asked open-eyed.

Richmond: “The truth, I know the truth”

Dave: “I’m sure you don’t even know the truth you know. I came to discuss something with you. Please can I marry Ada instead? She will become my wife and be called your sister-in-law”

Richmond: “Sister?” he said brightening up immediately.

Dave: “Yes sister. Just tell dad you want her to become my wife since you cannot be a real husband to her. She is always sad because of you but I will make her happy. Or don’t you want her to be happy?” he asked looking as pleasant as he could muster but the truth was, he felt like smashing his head to the wall with a baseball bat.

Richmond: “Yes I want her to be happy”

Question: What do you think is inside the envelope Patience is giving her sister? Will Richmond agree to his brother’s proposal to hand over his wife to him?

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  1. The envelope is likely to contain pictures of her husband with a lady making out.
    No one can really tell how the mind of a simpleton works

  2. Richie shouldnt agree to dave’s proposal.
    Patience has played a fast one on her sister, just pray she wont believe her though…… Goodnight all

  3. I think Richie is putting up that childish behavior for a reason I can see he’s a well mature and reasonable man so he won’t agree to his bro advance and patience is trying to blackmail her sis husband

  4. It myt b pictures, Richy in his childish manner myt agree… Anything dt will make Ada to b in d same houz wt him

  5. Patience brought fake divorce paper to her sister….Richmond will not agree to give up his wife to evil Dave….Richmond knew what he was doing..He will surely expose evil Dave and his evil dad later..

  6. if Abigael should believe anything in that envelope then she is a fool
    can’t she at least call Henry on phone?
    Richmond pls don’t give away ur wife

  7. Lolzzz…. This is getting crazier than i thought. Maybe Patience got fake divorce papers. No i don’t think Richmond will leave his wife for his bro, he loved her wholeheartedly. Who impregnated Ada? It’s a question that has been begging for answer

  8. Patience is holding the pictures of Henry and a lady which she asked Emeka to stage for Abigail, so that she can divorce her husband to pave way for her. Richie is not as stupid as he behaves, he’ll surprise them.

  9. I think d envelope in pats hand contain a fake divorce letter frm henry made up by ptience n her gang or sm sort of bad letter sha. I think he will but he knows dave tried to poisoned him. So he will try to be acting along wit him. I dnt think Ada will like d idea. But whose pregnancy could dat v be? Is it 4 richie or his dad? Hmmmmm

  10. What is this world even turning into?..blood sisters for that matter…wat I knw is dat no matter wat Patience does, She won’t suceed and Abigail will still go back to her husband….as for Dave he is just an heartless being for implicating an old woman

  11. I think it contains some photoshopped pictures or something that will definitely implicate Henry.as for Richmond, I dont think he will agree.

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