Read shocking story of how a Nigerian mother dumped daughter in the US

Note: We know this is a bit long but I hope somebody learns one or two things from it. As for me I have learned a whole lot. Story was narrated by Nigerian Facebook users.

I learned in a very hard way that Nigerian family standard is so over rated.

Women! Before you start fighting your husbands or breaking up your homes because of ‘family ‘, please make sure they are worth it .

Most times people tend to put their Mother, Father, brothers and sisters before their husbands, friends and strangers. Why? Because they are considered family right? But do you know that not everyone that is related by blood is considered family.

My new definition of family is that family member or friend that has my interest at heart, that friend, neighbor, or colleague who calls to check up on me on a regular basis, that friend, neighbor, or colleague who goes out of their way to make me happy.

True life story:

A young girl comes to America at a young age. This young girl is the first surviving child of her widowed mother so it’s been hammered in to her head that she has to work hard to take care of her widowed mom and siblings who are also very young and in school.

This girl is married with kids, secures a minimum wage job in America sends little money to mom and siblings even when it was not convenient for her and her family.

This girl decides to go to school and after four years she graduated and became a Registered Nurse. Damn! Life was good now. She tells her husband it’s time to file for her mom to come to the United States.

Mind you Mom is in her early fifties always sick, always in the hospital, infact Mom is still finding it difficult to cope after her husband’s death. The girl’s husband bluntly refused that her mom wasn’t coming to their house. The girl insisted and went ahead to file for her mom.

Immigration process was a bit slow and she came up with an idea to invite her mom over while the green card was being processed. As luck May have it her mom got a visa to the United States. The girl was so excited; she bought a $3000.00 plane ticket for her mom to come spend Christmas with them. Mind you this was with zero support of the husband.

Mom arrives the United States and boom there’s problem and chaos in the house. Husband and Mom are not getting along. Everyday it is one fight or the other. Husband and wife were at logger heads. Meanwhile this couple had their own issues before but Mom’s present escalated everything.

Before you know it husband had filed for divorce. This girl lost her job, went through a lot of stress. Finally mom went back to Nigeria after 6 months.

Good news, luck shines on this girl and she met the man of her dreams who stood by her and supported her. She gets another job and she bought a ticket for her mom to come visit for another 6 months. Life became good again.

Mom was called for her interview and was issued a green card. This girl gets married and has a baby. Baby was just a few months old mom requested that her daughter pays her salary or she go finds another job outside.

The girl was like mom you need to chill we’re taking care of you, buying you stuffs that you need, sending money to your kids in Nigeria so what’s the problem.

To cut a long story short this girl comes home at 8am one morning after working a night shift only to find out that her Mom has packed all her stuff and moved out of her house leaving her 20 months old child laying in bed by herself in the whole house.

She calls her mom to inquire what happened only for her mom to tell her that she has moved on with her life. That she got a job as a live in Nanny in a different city.

Shocking right?

Now tell me will it be wrong to call Child protective services on such a mom? Will it be wrong to disown such a mom? Will it be wrong to disown siblings or family members who directly or indirectly contributed or instigated such actions?

Tomorrow someone will come and preach the usual forgive and forget BS. Tomorrow someone will come and preach the usual she’s still your mom bullcrap.



  1. …….you can’t give what you don’t have. The big mom has always had locked in ‘selfish attitude’ …. she just had to show at some point in time
    Sorry girl.

  2. Pls forgive her,but distant yourself from her & ur siblings cos they re also partners in dis said crime.

  3. Hmmm she is ur mum so u have to forgive her but distance urself from her. Atleast u have tried for been a good daughter. Do not worry urself over d issue and focus on ur family.

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