(Episode 10) Olowo Gbogboro… Battle To Finish! #olowogbogboro

(Episode 10) Olowo Gbogboro... Battle To Finish!

Tope stepped into the house and sat down gingerly. He held the flower in his hand as he stared around curiously. He had always wondered how the principal of his school, one of the few Nigerians heading a school even after independence, lived. He knew that the fact that missions were still in control of schools, made it difficult to get Nigerians into such positions. “he lived well, I must say. Simple and elegant. I wonder where Seyi got all her extravagance and flair for the dramatic from?” he thought to himself.

Seyi came to meet him and took the flowers from his hand and replacing it with a glass of drink. Tope stared at the drink in his hand and raised his head to watch Seyi walk slowly to a table and place the flower in a vase

Tope: “where is Chidinma?” he asked, taking a sip of drink. It was cool and sweet.

Seyi: “she is coming. I guess she is running errands or something for her parents.” She replied from the kitchen.

She soon came out with a plate of fried chicken parts and a bottle of wine. Tope raised his eyebrows at this.

Tope: “this your send-off is quite expensive o. you went all out for this o. why didn’t you invite more persons?” he asked, picking a piece of chicken and biting into the juicy bit.

Seyi: “you guys are all the friends I have. What do I need those lowlifes for?” she asked, smirking.

She opened the bottle of wine and asked Tope if he cared for a glass of wine but he declined, content with the cup of juice, he cradled in his palm. Seyi shrugged, poured herself a glass and sat down opposite him her legs crossed to expose her perfectly toned lap for Tope’s view. Tope stared at the display over the rim of his cup and sighed. “Seyi…she never gives up.” He sighed

Tope: “where is your father?” he asked suddenly.

Seyi: “oh…he went to some principal’s meeting at Ibadan. He will be back late, so we can have the house to ourselves.” She replied smiling at him.

Tope nodded. He looked at the clock on the wall and at Seyi. She was relaxed, sipping her glass of wine. He watched her as she dropped her glass on the table then got up and walked to the gramophone. She placed a record on it and started dancing. He smiled and shook his head. She came to him and held her hands out to him

Seyi: “come let’s dance.” She said

Tope: “I want to wait for Chidinma. I will watch you dance.” He replied.

Seyi: “don’t spoil the fun. She will be here soon. Am I not good enough to dance with too?” she asked, a new note creeping into her voice.

Tope sighed and got up. Soon two of them were moving to the rhythm of sounds as old as time.


Biodun opened his eyes painfully. His whole body was filled with aches and cramps and he itched all over. He had slept poorly that night. The fear of being caught by whoever had killed his captors and fellow captives plus the knobbly roots of the trees digging into his flesh made it difficult for him to get a good rest. The constant buzz and bites of mosquitoes didn’t help matters.

He stood up slowly, his body a mass of creaks and aches. He knew he was no longer in the west or even the north of Nigeria. The presence of the sea and the mangrove trees meant one thing; he was in the south. He stretched his body carefully, aware that the people who had shot at him could still be out there scouting for survivors. He slowly moved back to the stream he had waded across before. He stopped and watched for several minutes. when he was sure that he was not being watched, he entered the cold water and waded back across the stream. He slowly picked his way through the undergrowth and finally got to the beach, where he and his team had stood last night. There was no trace of the attack, no bodies, no guns, no boat, not even blood stains or expended bullets. It was like it never happened. He stood thinking, “where is everybody? Up till now, I do not know who my captors are? What they were up to and what was in those gallons we were carrying? I need to get back on the road. Any highway will do. How will I be able to get out of this place now? I need to contact my father. I need a post office. But where do I start from?” he sighed in confusion.

He suddenly saw a speck moving towards him across the sea. He quickly moved to the place where the forest met the beach and stood hidden. The speck grew slowly to a small boat manned by an old man and two boys. He had several casks in the boat and had a bottle of clear liquid in one hand. He was singing lustily in a language he had never heard, in accompaniment to flute being blown by a figure, he was yet to see.

The boat passed by the beach and moved further then the flute blower jumped into the water, trailing a rope. It was a girl, her head covered with a scarf. She was wearing shorts that exposed her dark long legs to the elements. She waded through the sea and got to the beach. Biodun moved slowly along the treeline to where the boat bobbed in the sea and watched as the girl tied the rope to a tree. The boys started offloading the casks while the man sat comfortably on the boat and lit a pipe. After several puffs, he turned to where Biodun was hiding

Papa John: “you can come out now, Papa John no dey find palaver.” He shouted, between puffs of pipe smoke.

The boys stopped in their tracks, tensed by the old man’s words. The girl came forward to stare at where the old man was looking at. The undergrowth shook as Biodun stepped out. The girl snapped forward, a wicked looking cutlass in her hands all of a sudden. Biodun stepped back in fright.

Papa John spoke rapidly to the girl in the unfamiliar language and she stuck the cutlass into her side and went to join the boys in carrying the casks.

Papa John: “ignore Preye. She dey quick dey jump. Come, dis na dangerous place you dey so, my pikin.” He said, jocularly.

Biodun stepped out again, his eyes on the Preye, who ignored him and went on lifting casks and wading across the water to drop them on the beach. The old man, Papa John, stepped out of the boat into the water and waded to meet Biodun. He stood and looked at him up and down

Papa John: “you are some far ways from home, boy.” He said quietly. Biodun shrugged and looked around the place.

Biodun: “what is this place. there’s too much activity here for an ordinary beach.”

Papa John: “this no be ordinary o. dis na Smuggler’s Port o; from guns to ogogoro; from cigarettes to books and recently oil dey pass through this place o. how you take reach here?” he asked, quietly, as he walked passed Biodun to where the casks were lying in the sand.

The boys and the girl were seated on palm trees bent by the elements and eating quietly. Every few minutes, Preye threw a quick suspicious glance at Biodun’s way. He had that itch on his shoulder blades, one gets when one feels someone is looking at you with evil intent.

Biodun told his tale as Papa John inspected the casks and marked them with a piece of chalk he brought out of his pocket.

Papa John: “you were caught by Smugglers. I sure say na Obaro gang. One Albino dey wey call himself Captain?” he asked, straightening up from his squat.

Biodun: “yes…yes!” he exclaimed, excitedly.

Papa john nodded his head and spat to the side. He watched the children eat for some minutes then he turned back to Biodun

Papa John: “E dey like use people to dey do e work for am. I go carry you go Warri but we go first deliver these casks first. Lorry dey come tomorrow. Come eat.” He said, clapping Biodun on the back.

Biodun: “Are you not worried about being attacked?” he asked, worried by how open they were.

Papa John: “no body dey find Papa John palaver. Papa John do business with white people for dem big boats. And dem big time smugglers work at night.” He replied smugly.

Biodun looked around then joined the rest at the palm tree. The girl, Preye gave him a leaf wrapped parcel. He opened it to see rice and stew with dried fish. He dug in with his fingers as he had seen them do. Papa John smiled.


Tope came awake to find himself naked and Seyi groaning as if in pain on top of him. Her breasts with their pinkish nipples, swaying gently as she moved. His manhood was deep inside her and he was as hard as a concrete slab. He stared at Seyi shocked by the position he was in. Her eyes were closed, her lips slack and her face was contorted in grimace of pleasure. He wriggled and put his hands on her waist in a bid to push her off him. Seyi opened her eyes and smiled. She bent towards him and kissed him then she moved as only a woman knows how to and Tope forgot everything. He moved with her in a dance as old as man; she pulling in him, deeper and deeper with a rocking movement of her waist; he was swallowed in the flames of desire that grew red hot as he screamed and held her in a vicelike grip, pouring his sperm deep into her for what felt like forever.

Seyi fell on Tope’s sweat slicked chest, her breast a warm cushion on his chest. She could feel his heart beat rapidly. She smiled and raised her head to look at him,

Seyi: “I told you, I will be good for you.” She said.

Tope, whose eyes were tightly shut opened them and roughly pushed her off him. He got up quickly and turned around looking for his clothes.

Seyi: “where are you going to? The day is just starting. Come on, we can still have more fun.” She said, perturbed by Tope’s antics.

She got up from the bed and went to meet him and placed her hands around his waist.

Tope: “Slut, get away from me before I lose my temper.” He said calmly.

Seyi: “Come on. You know you loved it as much as I did. See, your sperm is still dripping out of me. Come on don’t be a spoilsport, let’s go another round.” She murmured close to his ears.

She flicked her tongue on his ear lobe and Tope became still. He slowly prised her hands from his waist and turned to face her. He looked at her and smiled then he gave her a slap, and as she reeled back in shock, he moved towards her and gave her another that sent her sprawling on the bed in a scream. He joined her on the bed and gave her another blow then, he bent her ass forward and penetrated her savagely.

Tope: “this is what you want, right? well take it. Happy send off, SLUT!” he muttered in her ear.


The Babalawo started an incarnation to revive Peterson and soon he woke up, sneezing.  Peterson immediately started begging the old man for another alternative to sleeping with the goddess.

Peterson: “i want to meet women in town, go out on dates, get married to them and have children. Baba please, let’s look for a second option, I can’t cope with this option anymore.” He pleaded.

The babalawo finally agreed to look into other options for him.

Babalawo: “If it is your wish, i will initiate you into another society, and then explain to you what’s involved after.  But let me warn you, the first option is better than this second option. Would you still want the second option?” he replied.

Peterson: “Explain the second option to me. What is the difference between the two?” he asked, curious.

Babalawo:  “No way! You want to put me into trouble? No it is never done that way. After the initiation, I will explain the second option to you.” He replied angrily.

Peterson: “I hope the second option won’t harm me?”  He asked, worried.

Babalawo: “No it won’t harm you. But i still advise that the first option is better.” He replied.

Peterson: “And will i still be protected and still be as rich as i am now?”

Babalawo: “Oh…yes, your riches will even be multiplied.  Please say no more. Do not ask me more questions, I’m done answering questions. Meanwhile, if you decide to go for second option, come back tomorrow by 7pm for the initiation. After that, i will explain the ‘Dos’ and ‘Donts’ that is involved.”

Peterson: “Ok Baba.” He said and then he thanked the old man and left the shrine.

Question: do you think Seyi deserved what she is getting? Is Tope any different from his father? Do you think Peterson should maintain the first option or go for second option?

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  1. Hello AKC&Fs,

    Everything sets right with time. ALC, the timing here could be bettered.

    Perhaps but everyone deserves a second chance. Hoping Tope will out do his dad, looking that way.
    Peterson is doomed either way. Neither.


  2. i don’t think tope is different from his father….. as for peterson he should not try d second option ooo the first option he tried was hell tell me wat will the second one be like……..i pity him ooo

  3. Seyi deserves more than what she is getting, Tope was just pouring out his anger though in a very wrong way, Peterson should seek and find the true Saviour, he is just moving from frying pan to fire, God saves him.

  4. Seyi deserves more than what she’s getting. Tope is not his father’s type but just reeling his anger on the Seyi of a girl, Peterson should trace his steps back to God before its too late.

  5. No Tope is not like his father, Sheyi is a slot. Now that Biodun nd now Tope have slept with her, if she happens to be pregnant, am sure she’ll pin it on Tope nd that will definately bring about dissapointment on Chioma’s part. As for Peterson, nothing good comes from the devil, he’s just going from fying pan to fire.

  6. Seyi deserves what she gets for being a slot buh as for Tope hitting a woman is bad very bad, it just show how he’s family is.

    Peterson should just forget about the babalawo n all it has to offer cos d deeper d deadlier, turn to Christ Peterson, He alone cab help.

    Kudos to ALC n F’s
    Next episode pls

  7. seyi deserve wat tope did yo her….she ask of it..
    .Peterson is just complicating his issue….he’s doom already with or without d second option.

  8. Peterson Is Going From Grace Of God To Grass Of Devil, He Should Seek God’s Favour. As For Sheyi, She Deserve Wat She’s Getting Now.

  9. Seyi deserves what she gets for being a slot and as for Tope raising his hand against a woman is bad very bad, just pray he doesn’t end up like his father.

    And as for Peterson let him continue to wallow up in the devils next. God has great plans for dis guy n he still can’t see it.

  10. Tope is just giving Seyi what she deserve after drugging him to sleep wit him, I don’t think he’s lik his father, he just been frustrated wen he hope to meet Chidinma but end up in Seyi’s planned seduction. Peterson needs to explore all d options d devil can offer so dat wen he finally meet Jesus he wil appreciate him more. Biodun wil survive, I know

  11. Seyi doesn’t really deserve it.
    Tope is proving to be worse than his father.
    Peterson is getting deeper and deeper

  12. Seyi deserves more than that, wat was she thinking of druging a guy 2 get wat she wanted,as 4 tope he shudnt ve acted up dat way,Peterson is so doom which ever way.

  13. Sighs Tope is just not different from his father
    He needs to watch it

    Seyi deserved all that and more…..

    Peterson just wants to kill himself with his own hand

  14. Seyi is getting wot she deserves…. I pity Peterson still koz hez endangering himself d more, as for tope hmmmm he beta nt turn out to be like his dad

  15. Peterson doesn’t deserves first choice not to talked of second. Both are evil and he is doom if he continue.
    Seyi deserves what she is get from Tope because she is a slut and daring.

  16. peteson don’t no what he is doing, he should leave the second option and try to solve the problem he have puting himself into. seyi deserve what she gets. tope might become like his father

  17. seyi deserves what she got and even more,poor tope has become a woman beater and as for peterson,the devil has no free gift.

  18. Seyi deserves it and Tope wanna be like his father but the difference is that he warns before beating. Peterson is very stupid… Am fed up with him.

  19. Seyi deserves it cus am sure he drugged or did something on Tope 4 dem to b in that position. Tope is still different frm his father to me cus d bitch really deserve that. Peterson shuld jus maintain his first option o, even none is good bt he has found himself in it by his choice.

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