(Episode 12) Olowo Gbogboro…Battle To Finish! #olowogbogboro

(Episode 12) Olowo Gbogboro...Battle To Finish!

Preye wrapped her arms around Biodun, as much as his big frame could allow. Her perky nipples boring into his rib.

Preye: “my big soldier man.” She whispered as she raised her head to him.

Biodun’s eyes were inscrutable as he watched her. She smiled at him then he bent and took her lips, tongue and her saliva into his own. She smelled of firewood smoke and fish; She smelt of the sea and the wind. Her tongue darted inside the warmth of his mouth, quick and soft. He pressed her against him, mashing her soft small breasts against his broad chest.

He bends and sucks on her nipple, nipping at them with his teeth. Preye moaned loudly, and Biodun stopped. He waited to hear if anyone was coming to find out the reason for the noise but no one came. Preye dragged his head back to her breast roughly. He went back to playing with Preye’s nipples with his tongue and teeth.

Preye’s small strong and roughly calloused hands soon found his manhood and she stroked him until he could take it no more. He lifted her easily, and she wrapped her legs around his waist and her hands around his shoulder. He entered her slowly and they kissed as they moved slowly; the zinc roof banging to the scream of the wind.


Chidinma had a pile of clothes before her, when Tope came knocking. She went to the front and saw that it was him. She invited him to the backyard as she settled down to wash the clothes. Tope sat down beside her quietly and watched her. She went to the tap to fetch water and then returned back with the bucket slushing with water.

Chidinma: “did you come here to look at me while I work?” she asked, a small smile playing on her lips.

Tope: “I am going to Kaduna to join the military.” He said, quietly.

Chidinma: “what is it with you guys and the military sef? First Biodun, now you.” She asked in irritation.

Tope: “do not compare me with that brute. I am going there because I love my country and I want to help in the protection of her sovereignty. Biodun on the other hand was sent there by his father in order to curb his excesses.” He replied, quickly.

Chidinma looked at him sideways then bent down to wash her clothes. Tope watched her quietly for a while.

Tope: “will you marry me?” he asked suddenly.

Chidinma turned to look at him then she burst into laughter. When she observed that Tope was serious she stopped.

Chidinma: “I am sorry about that but Tope you barely know me. Besides, Seyi has made her intentions known; you are hers and no one should trespass.” She replied, suppressing her mirth.

Tope: “I am not a farm product that can be bought and sold. I can make my decisions. Besides, Seyi is leaving the country soon, so how will she pursue me from the United Kingdom?” he asked.

Chidinma: “will your parents allow you marry an Ibo girl? I doubt if my father would even agree. See Tope, let’s not deceive ourselves, this will not work. There are so many oppositions against this idea of yours, even those ones we have not accounted for.” She replied, shaking her head.

Tope: “my father cannot stop me from marrying the woman I love. Do you have any feelings for me?” he asked staring at her as she dipped her hands into the basin filled with clothes and soapy water.

Chidinma turned to look at him, “he is so handsome and so serious. He is neat and intelligent, a gentleman too. What more can a woman ask for? But he is Yoruba. Will father accept him?” she thought to herself. “I have feelings for you, I won’t deny that. Whether it is love or not, I can’t say.” She sighed. “our feelings are not enough besides I want to further my education.”

Tope: “further your education. What do you need to go to school for? I am capable of taking care of you. Don’t want you walking all over the place with men ogling you. You should be in the house taking care of our children. That is a woman’s place.” he replied, surprise on his face.

Chidinma: “you are serious! Jesus…you want me to be a breed mare for your family. Then when am wrinkled and overworked, you’d go and get a younger looking woman to replace me?” she asked, disturbed by Tope’s reaction.

Tope: “I didn’t say that. My mother has never worked a day in her life. She does not look wrinkled now, does she?” he asked.

Chidinma: “my mother leaves the house every day for the market. She even works at home yet she still takes care of the home. she is one of the best cooks around. Ask anybody.” She retorted.

Tope; “I don’t want you stressed. That is all. A good man will make sure his wife does not have to face the pressures of life.” He replied, quietly.

Chidinma: “a good man will encourage his wife to seek the heights of her dreams but will be there to catch her when she stumbles and when she falls. It is her job to remember that her first priority is her husband and family and never let her dreams come between her and them. After all, said and done, there’s no joy in achieving your dream and finding no one to share it with now, is there?” she replied hotly.

She bent down and started washing vigorously, ignoring Tope. Tope stared at the house beside them and sighed. “it seems I have touched a sore spot. I didn’t know she was this aggressive in her thinking o. she looks so small, so shy. I have to make amends, I guess. Funny, we are not even married yet and we are fighting over who should work and who shouldn’t. what is wrong if I want to protect her?”

Tope: “I am sorry dear. Okay, what dreams do you have?”

Chididnma looked at him and smiled, her eyes twinkling.


Biodun was still in the village. The driver had informed him that he would leave for Warri in a week’s time, so he should enjoy the hospitality of his hosts and not fret but he fretted. The only time, his mind slipped away from Lagos and the people he left behind was when Preye was nearby. She took him fishing and swimming. The girl could swim. She could stay under water for unbelievably long periods. The first time she had done that, he had dived into the river in fear that she had drowned. She came out laughing with joy, her eyes twinkling with mischief. They did everything together; from eating to sleeping in the same mat. She was insatiable for sex. They made love everywhere at any time and she was loud. At first, he was worried that Papa John or maybe the other young men in the village would react negatively to this but no one seemed interested in their antics. He thought of a young lady back in Lagos, sometimes but her face was fading into the dimness of the cooling embers of deep feelings.

He watched Preye as she wove a basket she intended to sell at the market with her catch. They were seated by her house. Her mother was smoking fish at the back and her younger brothers had gone out with Papa John to check if their illicit gin was on its way.

Biodun: “I love you.” He said quietly.

Preye stopped weaving for a moment then she continued without uttering a word. Biodun looked at her, curious.

Biodun: “Preye, I said I love you.” He said, louder this time, grabbing her muscular arm.

Preye raised her face to look at him. He stepped back quickly, her eyes were alive with anger.

Preye: “what love, soldier man? I go follow you go Lagos? I go come wear fine clothes, paint lipstick, come dey speak engrish like you? Your papa go gree make Izon girl enter e family? Love! Abeg make we enjoy wetin we get we get, no spoil am.” She replied, dumping the basket on the ground and stomping away.

Biodun watched her leave, in confusion.


A week after, their first conversation on marriage, on a Sunday, after church service, Tope got dressed and went to Chidinma’s house. They were about to seat down for lunch when he came in. they welcomed him and made a space for him on at the table. After an awesome meal, Tope informed Chidinma’s father that he was there to see him. The two men walked to the front porch and sat down, as the women took the dishes into the kitchen and cleaned up the table.

Mr Nzeribe: “what do you want to discuss with me?” he asked as soon as he sat down.

Tope sat down and stared at a boy playing with a toy soldier in front of them; He did not know how to start the discussion. Mr Nzeribe watched the boy squirm uncomfortably on the chair, “it must be something very important for him to squirm so.” He thought to himself as he watched the boy.

Tope: “as a man grows older, he starts to think of the future and on how to make sure that the future he has in mind comes to reality.” He said after some minutes. Mr Nzeribe nodded his head and waited.

Tope: “also, he starts to plan on who to share and spend this future with.” He continued. Mr Nzeribe raised his head sharply and looked at Tope then he sighed and looked away to the street.

Tope: “I have come to seek for your permission in asking for Chidinma’s hand in marriage. I know I don’t have the means to cater for a family now but I have plans which I believe will yield positive results. I would love for Chidinma to be the mother of my children and share my dreams and aspirations with me.” He said quietly.

Mr Nzeribe: “have you spoken to Chidinma about this?” he asked, calmly. His thoughts racing in different directions.

Tope: “yes sir, I have. She has not made her mind known to me yet but I felt it proper to seek your permission, so that when I speak again to her, it will be on a firmer ground.” He replied.

Mr Nzeribe: “I will think about it and discuss it with my wife as well as with Chidinma herself. “he replied, getting up from the chair and going inside.

Some few minutes later, Chidinma came out to join him and after a brief chat, she saw him on his way home.


Tope was ecstatic about how the Sunday had turned out. “Chidinma’s father is a gentleman and a fair minded person. I know he will look at my proposal in a favourable light. My problem is Chidinma with her ‘I want to further my education’ stance. Well, I will tackle it one step at a time. All in all, it was a good day and good food too. That woman can cook…” he thought smiling to himself as he entered his home. he walked into the sitting room and stopped. Seated in a circle, deep in a deliberation was his father, his face furrowed in annoyance; his mother, smiling happily; his former school principal and his daughter, Seyi.

Tope: “what is going on here? He asked, curious.

Mr Adepoju: “congratulations son, it seems you are getting married and it’s about time too.” He said, staring at his son smugly.

Tope opened his mouth in shock, his eyes wildly staring from his father to Seyi.


The rattlesnake stared at Peterson then it slithered towards him, its tongue flicking. Peterson moved back with fear. His throat was dry, he cold not even scream for help. The snake got to the edge of the bed then it changed into the goddess. Peterson opened his mouth in shock.

The goddess walked to Peterson and kissed him. Peterson stood stiff as if frozen. she smiled

Goddess: “do not fail to be at the graveyard at the appointed time. also, if another ear should hear about our covenant, you shall wish you were in a nightmare.” she said smiling, then she disappeared.

Peterson came back to his senses slowly. In his mind was the truth, “I cannot tell mama o. i cannot tell her. God…this alternative must work. it must work.” he thought with fear in his heart. He had no disturbances that night.

The next morning, as he came out to catch some fresh air. he met the Evangelist coming through the gate to his house

Evangelist: “I will like to read this verse; Isaiah 49:25 … But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.” he said, walking up to Peterson.

Peterson: “Can you please explain the meaning of that verse?”he asked quietly.

Evangelist: “What it means is that.. no matter your condition, God is able to deliver you from the bondage of the devil.” he said.

Peterson: “But Evangelist, am i actually in devil’s bondage? Or do i look like one that’s suffering ? Or did anyone told you i’m in any bondage?” he asked.

Evangelist: “No Brother Peterson. I’m sorry you took it otherwise, what i’m saying is that anybody who is not in Christ is in devil’s bondage. Whoever is in devil’s bondage cannot deliver himself except through Jesus Christ!” he replied.

Peterson: “Okay now! Since you feel i’m in bondage, you can rally up prayers with your prayer band, pray on my behalf for deliverance.” he replied, annoyed.

Evangelist: “Brother Peterson, please listen to this passage sir, It is in Matthew 11:28-30; … verse 28 Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. verse 29 says, Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls and verse 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” he said, reading from the bible in his hand

Peterson: “Who said that?”he asked, curious.

Evangelist: “Jesus Christ! If you give your life to Jesus Christ now, he will take away all your fears. So, let me ask you one more time, Are you ready to give your life to Christ?” he asked.

Peterson: “How? What more you want from me? After all, i am a Christian, and i attend church services. I gives huge amount of money to my Pastor and help the needy!” he replied smugly.

Evangelist: “Bro Peterson, the book of Isaiah 55:6-7 says … Verse 6; Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near: Verse 7 says, Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.” he replied to Peterson’s rant.

Peterson: “Hmm…”

Evangelist: “God is ready to forgive you and give you Peace if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour.” he continued.

Peterson: “You mean i should confess and forsake my sins and i will be free from devil’s bondage?”

Evangelist: “Yes Bro Peterson, if you do this, Jesus will give you peace.” he replied.

Peterson: “Okay, thank you. You may go now. Give me some time to think over it.” he said, thoughtfully.

Evangelist: “Is it that you are not ready to accept Jesus as your saviour?” he asked.

Peterson: “Please go first, let me ponder over it.” he replied.

Question: Problems for Tope…Sincerely, will you let your child marry outside your ethnic group? Do you think a marriage between Tope and Chidinma is possible now? Should Peterson reveal the secret to the Evangelist? How should he spill it?

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    • he shd start by asking d evangelist to pray for him.there is nothing wrong marrying different ethnic grp since the relationship is based on love n understanding.no hope for tope n chidinma since he has already put seyi in a family was(pregnancy)

      • Evening ALC&Fs,

        I personally have no ish with inter ethnic marriages.
        It is but under very clear terms and understanding between Seyi & Chidinma.
        The sooner he opens up to the evangelist the better for him at least it’s clear the evangelist is not in with the demons presenting destroying him. It’s not a difficult thing , it all starts with starting from the beginning.


  1. ghenghen Tope don bang turn to Belle

    Peterson better give his life to christ

    the marriage can’t work Btw him and chidi

  2. YES i will allow my child marry from anoda ethnic group oo.we nid to learn to accept oda pples culture so we can live together in peace and harmony..bcos marriage binds us together.
    And it is very possible for Tope and Chi to get married.
    Seyi is not pregnant for Tope but Biodun because they had an unprotected sex bofore he left.
    Peterson should jst spill the beans he shld start from any where b4 it gets to late salvation is calling…
    Adelove crew and fans i hail una.

  3. I gave out one of my younger sisters to an Ibo man and another to an Oron man, wherever a lady finds true love, she should be free to marry

  4. My child can marry anywhere if he finds happiness.It is better for peterson to confess now before is too late

  5. Yes, There Is Nothing Wrong In Marrying Diff Ethnic Group, In As Much Is Base On Love. As For Tope He Is In Big Trouble If He Eventually Marry Sheyi.

  6. i can allow my child marry frm another ethnic group if it is d will of God…….. tope should better face seyi squarely…. well 4 peterson i pity him he better confess his sins…..

  7. You can marry from any ethinic group,since it is the will of God but if not dont try it….Hummmmmmmm, Na wa o…O ga gangan ni…Tope is not responsible for the pregnancy but Biodun, it will be difficult to convince Chidinma&father,but with love&patience,if it is God’s will it will come to past…
    Peterson, hummmmmmmm, I pity you o,embrace Christ before it is too late..it is left to you…

  8. I think seyi is pregnant and Biodun is responsible but she will put it on tope.Peterson need correct delivance

  9. It’s not a crime to marry from a different ethnic group, infact its cool cos it promotes oneness ••• one Nigeria #WINK#

    Tope has a slim chance getting married to Chidinma, although he might not be responsible for the pregnancy buh I don’t think Chidinma n her father and even his father will buy his story ••• I pity him tho •••

    Peterson should willingly confess his sins cos God is faithful n just to forgive him n cleanse him from all un righteousness.

  10. If Chidima accepts him, even after all he has said concerning his ideology of how a wife should be, then she should be ready for hell on earth. But can she be so daft ?
    I’ll prefer Biodun for her to Tope.
    For Peterson, I leave him to his foolishness

  11. tope’s parents seemed not too happy d first tym he mentioned chidinma’s name bcos of d ethnic difference and dey wud accept d responsibility of seyi’s pregnancy; as d later is the better of the two.
    Too bad tope’s intention is getting shattered.
    Peterson shud pour his heart out to d evangelist and together they wyd wield forces greater dan dat of evil.
    people’s perspective on inter ethnic marriage can b overwhelming attimes.but u think wat we all shud b concerned abt here is d kindness of One’s heart.

  12. I personally will love to marry outside my ethnic group,I don’t think tope and chidinma stand any chance and as for peterson,he has to confess for his own good.

  13. to marry outside ethnic group is somehow complicated so i dont think d union of Tope & Chidinma could work out well now since Seyi is now pregnant for him….I wish if Peterson can spill everything out to d evangelist so that he can b free from d bondage of d devil he put himself into..but he wont

  14. Marrying outside ethnic group is no sin, Tope had made his choice in favour of Seyi, God will save Peterson before final destruction. Good morning all.

  15. This Peterson guy has no choice than to confess his sin n allow Jesus reign over him. The devil do not give u his blessings freely ooo. According to d adage, when u are eating with the devil use a long spoon.

  16. If my child is in love with the other tribe…I have no say in as much as my daughter or son is in safe hands. Tope is in trouble.

  17. Ethnic group will not be a problem to me in terms of marriage, Topes marriage to Chidinma is an impossible task now, Peterson should better confess now.

  18. Sure,why not? If true love exist,all I can render is support and prayers. Tope n chichi marriage is automatically cancelled bt can’t tell of d future cus its either d baby is 4 biodun cus its too sudden to v pregnant wit tope’s baby. Peterson should jus spit it out anyhw he fit. Better he do now b4 going 4 d worst.

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