Give us Biafra now – Bishop Udeh

Give us Biafra now – Bishop Udeh

It was gathered that the General Overseer of Mount Zion Faith Global Liberation Ministries, (a.k.a) By Fire By Fire, Bishop Abraham Chris Udeh, has told the Igbo not to misuse the opportunity offered by the quit notice from Arewa youths in actualizing Biafra.

Bishop Udeh in Nnewi, Anambra State, yesterday, insisted that there was no better opportunity to establish Republic of Biafra than now when the Northern youths and some of their elders had unanimously agreed to dissociate from the Igbo race.  He said that Igbo would be blamed by the international community, if the opportunity is not fully utilized.

The cleric wondered why Ohaneze Ndigbo and some sections of the Igbo were still talking about Igbo presidency and restructuring, saying the issues had already been overtaken by events.

His words: “My worry is only Igbo hypocrisy.  There is no oneness and unity of purpose amongst the Igbo. There are still discordant tunes; otherwise, why should some people be talking about restructuring and Igbo presidency instead of rallying round Nnamdi Kanu to use this opportunity to actualize Biafra. That is the problem we have. Anybody talking about restructuring or Igbo presidency now is a coward.”

No agreement between the Hausa and Igbo will hold. What about the Aburi Accord. Did it stand? All we want is an independent State of Biafra. No more, no less! Anybody saying a different thing is on his own,” the Bishop added.

He warned the Igbo not to forget what happened to their relatives in the North in 1967, adding that for those who issued the eviction notice to turn round to say they had accepted the advice of the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo were being deceitful.

Udeh, therefore, advised Igbo to return home enmass, stressing that Arewa youths had already prepared their minds to execute their plans.



  1. I wonder what is too hard for Nigeria’s failed government to understand about the fact that Biafra has resolutely decided to go their seperate ways
    There was never anything like one Nigeria and there can never be one
    What we have is a glorified Hausa/Fulani republic where everyone must accede to the whims of the north or all hell would be let loose
    For example, the possession of guns is illegal, but the Fulani herdsmen flagrantly roam the streets with AK47 rifles, with which they kill and rob innocent citizens all over the farce called Nigeria with impunity
    This open injustice cannot just continue
    Biafra has come to stay

  2. Its only a hopeless Igbo man that will still be in the north, just for properties. They will kill you and you still take the property. So what sense.

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