Morning Inspiration: Use What You Have…

It is a new week, and you are probably going into it with worried thoughts. If you are like me, you are probably wondering if you can achieve your dreams in this country that is getting worse every day. Who wouldn’t be worried though, the news in Nigeria is disheartening; the economy is not getting any better, hike in foodstuff price, and even the atrocities committed by Nigerians in their pursuit of quick money. But I want to inspire you this morning from the bible, Matthew 25: 15-19, because at we inspire people to be better than they were yesterday.

Before I continue, let me tell you a story which will cover everything I have to say;

Tehilah is a songstress in church, her voice could bring down the Holy Ghost, but she was single at 32 years. All the relationships she had been in were all a waste of her time. She dated Bolaji for three years, but the latter got married to a Yoruba lady right under her nose, their invitation card brought to her by her friends was all the breakup notice she got (he didn’t even have the courtesy to break up with her). After that, Tehilah resigned to God to give her a life partner, she kept praying for the will of God, sometimes going on week long fasts.

One day after church service, Tehilah rushed out to chat on Whattsap with her bestie, Wemimo about their evening girls hangout. She was leaning on a car, and typing away on her phone. Then a tall man dressed in a polo shirt and trousers with a brown palm slippers walked up to her with a smile on his face.

“I am interested, sister Tehilah” he said simply. Everyone in church knew Tehilah because of her voice, and this man had been wanting to talk to her but she was always busy after service. Mind you, Tehilah is a beautiful, tall, melanin popping lady, who turn heads wherever she went, so of course bro was interested.

Tehilah looked at him up and down, you know we ladies, we access a man first by his dressing to know if he is worth our time.

“Who wears something this causal to church on a thanksgiving Sunday” she mused.

“Brother, carry your interest somewhere else, I am not interested” she said and went back to her phone.

“God has revealed it to me that you are the woman I should marry” he insisted, his smile never wavered.

“Brother whatever is your name, I am not interested, abi shoe no get size” she yelled, gesturing with her hand, her expensive attire compared to the man’s simple wears. Tehilah always took her time to dress good, she had a fair job that took care of her needs every month plus, she often got clothes on credit from her favorite boutique.

Just then another brother in church, Brother Somto, who Tehilah had been eying because he was known to give big money in church rushed out of the auditorium towards the parking lot, he sees the pair and walked towards them. Tehilah put on a bright smile as Somto walks towards them, thinking he was coming to say hello to her. But Somto walks to the man and shakes hand reverently with him.

“Brother Chikelu, happy to see you in church sir” he greeted.

“Somto, I know you submitted the contract to the company and I promise that you will be the priority because we belong to the same household of Faith” the man replied, and then he brought out his car keys and told Tehilah to excuse him.

Tehilah looked at the 4matic car she was leaning on, and looked at Somto who was still smiling sheepishly. She moved away and stared at the man as he got into his car and drove off.

“Somto, who is that man?” she asked, with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe that the man she had so easily dismissed, had driven off in a 4matic car (You know the cost of that car right, it is not for kwekwe people)

“You mean you have been in this church and you don’t know Chikelu of HDmix Pharmaceuticals, that man is a multi billionaire but he is the humblest man I know. You will never be able to know his worth from his dressing, but scratch him and you will know he is made of gold” he replied and bade farewell to Tehilah.

Subsequent Sundays, Tehilah tries to initiate conversations with Chikelu, but he ignores her. She had been praying for God to give her a life partner, but when God created the opportunity for her to get answers to her prayers, her attitude took away the opportunity.

It is God’s duty to create opportunities for you, but you cannot recognize the opportunities if you are not ready. Did I hear you ask, How can I be ready? You can be ready by practicing whatsoever is your skill or talent, so you can be perfect because you don’t know when the opportunity to use that skill will arise. Also, fix your attitude, have a good attitude every day and every time because you do not know when opportunity will come. Opportunity comes on a normal day and it does not notify you of its coming, it is left for you to be ready at all times. Be on the ‘Get set mode’ all the time, even if it takes 5 years for the opportunity to come.

Are you a professional, as you start this week, get that proposal pitch ready because you do not know when you will bump into Minister of Petroleum or the CEO of that company you have submitted countless proposals to. Are you a caterer, interior decorator, entrepreneur, whatever it is you do, practice and be good in your field because opportunity comes only to those who are ready.

The bible says “Seeth Thou a diligent man, he shall stand before Kings, he shall not stand before mean men”. If you are diligent in what you do, no matter what the economy is saying, you shall prosper. If you have not identified what talent God has deposited in you, pray for God to reveal it to you, and also look out for what you are very good in, it might be the talent God has given you. Note, God is never late, he may tarry because He is not bound by time or space, but when your blessings come, he will give you all the years you need to enjoy your blessings.

As parting words, God has given us everything, all we need to make money and live well, so my dear Adelovelies, Use What You Have.



  1. Thank you Adelove, you are the best. I have learnt something today, I shall use what I have to better my life.

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