Read This If You Have Ever Taken Okra Soup

Okra is packed with valuable nutrients. It’s a high-fiber food for starters. Nearly half of its nutrition is a soluble fiber in the form of gums and pectins. Nearly 10 percent of the recommended levels of vitamin B6 and folic acid are also present in a half cup of cooked okra.

The following are the health benefits of okra (okro).

1 Improves Heart Health: The soluble fiber within okra helps naturally reduce cholesterol and, therefore, decreases the chance of cardiovascular disease,

2 Source of Calcium: Okra provides ample calcium and magnesium, helping prevent both calcium and magnesium deficiency.

3 Good Source of Protein: Okra is called the “perfect villager’s vegetable,” with its robust nature, dietary fiber and distinct seed protein balance of both lysine and tryptophan amino acids.

4 Improves Eyesight: Okra is also used to improve eyesight! Okra pods are fantastic source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which are both important nourishment for sustaining excellent eyesight

5 Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar: Okra helps stabilize blood sugar by regulating the rate at which sugar is absorbed from the intestinal tract. The okra seed contains blood glucose normalization qualities and lipid profiles that may help treat biabetes naturally.

6 Helps Lower Cholesterol: Okra binds excess cholesterol and toxins in the bile acids, making it easy to eliminate and thus preventing many health problems.



  1. What is okra…. abeg that wan na oyinbo style. And okro is not an American food. We call it okro here in Nigeria jare.

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