Edo woman struck with madness for refusing to bring her son for initiation (Video)

Reaching out to National Helm, it has been gathered that ‘Edo woman’ from Esan central LGA of the state, Mrs. Suzzan Idogei, was reportedly struck with madness, after suffering a partial stroke, for refusing to provide her only surviving son for initiation, into an occult group in the region.

Her son Felix Idogei who had a chat with National Helm, said he had to run away from Nigeria to Europe because of threat to his own life.

According to him,  his late father was a member of a very powerful occult group in Edo and even after his death years ago – the power of the group still had powerful effect in his family. He disclosed that members of the occult group kept pestering his mother to bring her first son (Fedelis Idogei) for initiation in order to replace his father in the group but she refused.

He went further to reveal that his elder brother also refused to join the group because he was a christian. The cult group allegedly killed him due to his refusal as he died in a mysterious circumstance. After the death of his elder brother, it was now his turn to be initiated. The cult group kept disturbing his mother both spiritually and also physically to bring the only surviving son (Felix) to join them. She reported the case to the police about the physical threat to her life (see affidavit below) but the police could do nothing about it.

Felix revealed that he had to flee Nigeria when the threat became too much…Thinking that his escape would help kill the matter, the cult group struck his mother with partial stroke, she couldn’t use one of her hands. The mother was taken to Lagos from the village to stay with her brother but that move was also in vain as the cult group still reached out to her and finally struck her with madness.

The young man (Felix) disclosed that his mother is now insane and is nowhere to be found. The video footage below which he provided of her – was taken before she went missing..

He said he’s sharing this story to the public because ‘I want people to learn from my late father ways so they won’t think of joining any cult‘, in his words.

Here’s also a sworn affidavit confirming this;


Edo woman



  1. Oh boy u had better run to mountain of fire and miracle ministries near u for deliverance and for fortifications. And also take ur mum’s case dere,dis is not a court case but a battle with powers and principalities and d rulers of d world as said by d bible.may God rescue ur mum and deliver her frm ds occultic powers,

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