See These Instagram Hotties Rock the Ripped Jeans Street Style

Say hello to ripped jeans! This street style needs no introduction as it has been here for a while now. I practically cannot wear any jean if it is not ripped, whether it is trousers or skirts, I have even forgotten what normal jeans look like. You might not be a fan of this trend, but it is something worth trying.


This street style can transform you from normal chic or guy to the coolest in town with the snap of a finger. It doesn’t take much to rock this; for someone who is not the dressy type, all you need is a crisp white tee shirt and you will look just as fabulous as all the A-list celebrities who rock this trend.

Image result for kim kardashian in ripped jeans and white tee

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Because these ripped jeans are more expensive than your normal jeans, you can get a normal jean, and with a pair of scissors and sandpaper, DIY your normal jean into a ripped jean according to your taste (Most of my jeans were ripped by me). You can also rock this trend with jean jacket for a denim on denim look, or with dressy jackets for a put-together look.

Still unconvinced, check out these pictures of Instagram celebs rocking the street style;


Tia Mowry


Stella Ozo




Ada Oguntodu


Blac Chyna is not left out

Image result for rihanna in distressed denim

Image result for rihanna in distressed denim

And Kanye is leading the men…

Image result for kanye in distressed jeans

Image result for kanye in distressed jeans

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And the couple of ripped jeans…

Image result for kanye in distressed jeans


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