Use Your Pajamas For Something other than Sleeping.

Inspired by  Louche loungewear of the Twenties and Coco Chanel, the Pajamas street style debuted in 2012 and since then has been rocked by celebrities including Rihanna. Ever felt like all your good clothes are in the laundry basket, or like you are short of fashion inspiration to put together your outfit for today, why not try out your pajamas. All it needs to be is clean  and ironed, and you can convert your sleepwear to your day wear in the snap of a finger.

PJ 2

There are rules to rocking the pajamas trend, and the most important is having on a smile, a nudge and a knowing wink. It requires sass to pull this off, but aside that, there are some important tips to note.

  • Stripes work well, so do flowery fabrics. The bolder the better.


  • When wearing the complete pajamas, height is good, so the hem can fall off nicely. If you are not on the tall side, strap on some heels to make that pajamas look as chic as ever.


  • When shopping for pajamas, go for lighter fabrics like silk or satin, they work well when transforming your sleepwear to daywear.

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  • You can also mix your pajamas top with a jeans, or even a wide leg pant, or the trouser with a polo tee shirt, to show off your fashionista skills.

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So, now you dont have any worries about what to wear, just transform your pajamas into a day clothe, strap on your louboutines and get ready for that power lunch.



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