Man proposes to his girlfriend at her graduation ceremony and this happened (Video)

Despite carefully thought out words, a ring and a giant bouquet of red roses, the woman seems distinctly unimpressed.

This is the awkward moment a man proposes to his girlfriend in the middle of a packed university graduation ceremony- and it goes horribly wrong.

The proposal happened at Aberdeen University’s Elphinstone Hall on Monday, moments after Assel Nurmukhambetova, 22, had formally received her degree and turned to leave the stage, as reported by The Press and Journal.

Her boyfriend Ibragim Tashim, who had been sitting in the audience, then gatecrashed the ceremony by springing up the steps.

Despite carefully thought out words, a ring and a giant bouquet of red roses, Assel seemed distinctly unimpressed.

Looking completely expressionless, the young graduate stared back at her suitor as he recited Swedish Rn’B singer Maher Zain’s lyrics to For The Rest Of My Life.

Looking up at his girlfriend, Ibragim said: “For the rest of my life, I’ll be with you and stay by your side honest and true.

“For the rest of my life, I’ll be loving you. With honour and love, I ask: ‘will you marry me?’

He then gets down on one knee as his unimpressed other-half stares out to a cheering crowd.

Ibragim pulls out a box showcasing an engagement ring as she reluctantly pulls out her right hand – barely able to raise a smile.

In another kick to the teeth, before walking down the stairs, he leans in for a kiss only to be met with his partner’s cheek instead.

She then ignores him as they walk down the aisle and makes her way to her seat, refusing to even acknowledge him.

The video was shared on the University’s official Facebook page after the ceremony but later removed.

In spite of the initial unenthusiastic response, Assel did eventually say yes.

She told The Press and Journal: “I was so shocked. I’m naturally a very shy person and was already quite stressed about getting my diploma on stage in front of all these people and then the proposal as well.

Watch video below;



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