If Evans is killed, I will replace him… man shocks Nigerians

A young Nigerian man who doubles as a Facebook user, T-Shine Sisi Eko left his audience in shock after he posted that he will become a deadly kidnapper, killing many in the process if the federal government kills billionaire kidnapper, Evans.

In a post that is currently making waves online, T-shine wrote that what the notorious kidnapper did was not different from the way politicians and leaders have been subjecting Nigerians to over the years and as such, Evans should be freed and even given an award for his exploits.



  1. Shameless people supporting criminals.Look at your values.Well all of you are all part of Evans.You will soon be caught and killed.God caused the day you all were born.

  2. T Shine or whatever you call yourself, you just get ready to replace him,if you think it is that easy,because Evans is already a goner. Foolish man!

  3. The guy should be arrested before its too late…. and all Evans supporters should be on police, sss, dss watch list before they grow wings.

  4. By their fruit we shall no them. This guy needs to be arrested, detained and questioned. The country needs to wake against all these bad eggs in our society

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