Government must address issues of divisions – Cleric

Government must address issues of divisions – Cleric

According to reports, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Most Reverend Adewale Martins has called on Nigerian leaders to work towards addressing issues that encourages groups and ethnic nationalities to seek separation from the entity called Nigeria.

The Clergy spoke in while administering the sacrament of confirmation to over 200 Catholic faithful at the St Joseph Catholic Church Kirikiri Town in Lagos .

According to the Catholic Archbishop, Nigeria is better off as a cooperate entity rather than a divided country, adding that Nigerians should also be careful of what they say about their fellow Nigerians, that fuels the call for separation and war.

His words: “The Lord is also calling on those who have control over this nation as leaders to also ensure that they take care of everybody in this country. If people feel marginalized, then the government should take responsibility and do something.

“In our country today there is lack of security. If we are not worried about Boko Haram and all we hear that they do, we are worried about Fulani Herdsmen, Kidnappers, armed robbers and hardship in the land, all these make us to fear, “ he noted.

The Catholic Archbishop said that while all these are cause of worry to the ordinary Nigerian, the call for separation and war, by some certain group is of serious concern to the ordinary man, adding that war is a very terrible thing that Nigerians should not go into.

He said: “Today you hear IPOB telling its own story that Nigeria must be divided, you hear Arewa Youths in the North handing down ultimatum that the Igbo people should go back to their states in three months , you hear Niger Delta people making their own threat about this country Nigeria and the Oodua people too. These are real fears, fears that things can get out of hand.”

While admonishing Catholics, he told them that while these are real fears, the Lord is asking them not to fear and cling unto him as the beacon of hope for their survival in the entity called Nigeria.


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