Abducted journalist found dead

Abducted journalist found dead

Tragedy as  another journalist is said to have been found dead in Mexico bringing to more than 200, the number of journalists killed in that country since 2000.

The police in Mexico found the burned remains the journalist who was kidnapped in May.

Mr. Salvador Adame, the head of a local TV station in the state of Michoacan, is the sixth reporter killed this year in the country.

According to state prosecutor, more than 90 per cent of these killings remain unpunished.

Adame, 44, was surrounded by gunmen and abducted in the western town of Nueva Italia on May 18.

Police and soldiers found his charred remains four weeks later, dumped at a spot known as “Devil’s Gully” along a local road, said state prosecutor Mr. Jose Martin Godoy.

“DNA samples have confirmed that these remains are those of Salvador Adame,” Godoy told a news conference.

The killing of the journalists has been roundly condemned by the social media.

Maharshi Mimo‏ in his tweet said “ R.I.P Salvador Adame.

“Now that counts to 7 journalists. And you blame Islamic Countries for terrorising Peace and Journalism?”

TRC‏ Retweeted Cencos, saying: “Yet again, another journalist has been assassinated in Mexico.”

Jose de Cordoba‏ recapped that the remains of journalist Salvador Adame, abducted in May, were found in Michoacan, and described Mexico as one of most dangerous countries for reporters.

Andalalucha‏ accused Mexican government of extreme indifference and incompetence regarding disappeared people. “Burned body of Journo Salvador Adame found today”

She said in another tweet that “ When a journo is killed in México & gov does jack shit to prosecute murderers it permits death of others. Salvador Adame found dead today”.


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