Style Your Blazer with Inspirations from Claire Summers

Blazers are a must-have, you cannot just do without them. They are every woman’s wardrobe staple because, they can glam up a simple dressing, with the bat of an eyelash. When buying a blazer, have this at the back of your mind; only buy a color of blazer if it coordinates with other pieces in your wardrobe.

Now there are diverse ways to style your blazers. Claire Summers gives us some style inspirations below;

  • A blazer goes well with soft chiffon or silk blouses. This combination is great for corporate affairs like office, business meetings, proposal pitches and all that.



  • You can style your blazer with a graphic tee shirt. But the teeshirt should be something light and flimsy, to avoid feeling bloated, with so many layers of fabric.



  • Or you can opt for a black blazer that goes with everything from maxi dress to track pants.



  • And you can switch up your look from the corporate babe to the uptown cool babe, with a denim trouser like the one Claire has on.



Remember, in fashion, details is everything. Blazers should be worn with accessories like heels, and jewelry. Oh, and an unconventional blazer like one with flayed sleeves will catch more eyes than the usual styled blazer.





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