See where the presidential jet was parked in London for over 50 days now (Photos)

As shared by Jim Roak on IG, he wrote;

‘The idle presidential aircraft in london consumes 4k pounds everyday for parking lot and its idleness. By 12am this morning,it would be 50days it has stayed idle and if you multiply that by N400/1pounds for 50days it will amount to N80,000,000.00 doing nothing but waiting for the president to get well.

This is not a government but a mistake.’



  1. total rubbish, very expensive mistake. people r suffering here but money is spent on a non living tin is dere in London doing noting only waiting for him to get well. mbok wia is deir sense of belonging? Instead to get d jet back to naija until he is well den go back to pick him. only God will help us Nigerians.

  2. I don’t subscribe to this because we shouldn’t join the wailers who are nothing but a bunch of detractors.
    No one know precisely how much it costs to park a presidential plane of a country that not only has a tie with the country but a country that granted independence. We should also not forget that the Aircraft is not a commercial one.
    PMB, as a distinct President has really suffered for the nation , he is a war veteran , he has also served in many capacities that have benefited our nation building , progress and oneness of the country, he has never fraudulently enriched himself at least nothing has been traced negatively to his records , if that is what Nigeria stands to appreciate him let it be.
    I want to seize this opportunity to pray for his likes that have suffered to keep Nigeria one or that have served for the nation in one way or the other that God in His infinity Mercies grant them their own reasonable portions of the national cake if they’re still leaving or grant their generations leaving if they have gone. my own father , Late Alhaji M.A Afolabi had the best Standard 6 result in oOsun North East of the Old Western Region sometimes in the 50s but because the foundation of which the country was built (deceit, godfatherism)the old man couldn’t secure a befitting job because of no plans for the masses or masses generation , the old man went back to the Jungle and began cocoa plantations farming , how many of their own folks ended up in Farms. The Police,Military, civil service were exclusively reserved for themselves and it still continues till today. I pray that Allah SWT addresses the injustice soon.

  3. The problem with this country is that we always wish to be pitied but we lack none everything is politics, if Buhari should die today it is his adversaries who will cry mostly and start sing his praises, at any rate did you verify before you send this out? this is divisive and this country is facing with various agitations now.
    Please don’t always think of your pocket alone.

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