Reasons behind hatred, anger among ethnic groups in Nigeria – Doyin Okupe

Reasons behind hatred, anger among ethnic groups in Nigeria – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe, former special adviser to Ex-President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has described the Presidential system of Government, and national political parties as flawed.

According to him, the recent developments in the country have exposed deep seated hatred, venomous animosities between various nationalities.

The ex-Presidential aide, however, lamented that hypocrites, “correct” politicians and politically idealistic youths may disagree with the fact.

He noted on a Facebook post that the, “presidential system of government assumes that at least the ruling class has achieved both horizontal and vertical unity. That a working national consensus has evolved and it takes precedence over our various primordial sentiments and interests.

“It is at this point that Sovereign power can be entrusted in the hand of one man who will neither be Muslim nor Christian, nor northern nor southern in his mindset and disposition to governance. Such a leadership is yet to emerge in this nation.

“Secondly will it not be preposterous for a politician from South East or South South or even Southwest to go about and canvass for votes for a northern Muslim Presidential candidate in 2019?

“Or a politician from the North to go about the North West or North East and be campaigning for an Ibo man Presidential candidate.

“If the above scenarios are impossible as they truly are then our Democracy is built on a national grand deception.

“I also believe that in view of what we have heard, read and seen, all so called national political parties were/are shameful platforms of deception put together as political machines to acquire political power, and thereafter govern arbitrarily with one majority nationality at the Helms of affairs doling out largesse to its junior political subordinates in order to keep their followers calm with a false sense of belonging and participation.

“This has been the bane of our politics and the reason for deep seated anger and wide spread dissatisfaction. This is why we are where we are today.

“Two major pillars of democracy are: the rule of law and liberty. None is engrained in our Democracy to date.

“Let political parties be formed freely and in a format that people freely aggregate and canvass for what they believe. Christians, Muslims, arewa, oduduwa, Biafra, Labour, egbesu etc form their parties and freely express their values, precepts and plans for Nigeria.

“For a party to form government it must control 75% of total number of seats available in parliament. This will require a working partnership or coalition of 5 or 6 parties. So we begin to respect ourselves and values.

“Also we begin to tolerate one another because even if a small party leaves the coalition the government is dissolved. Corruption will greatly reduce because too many forces working together. Civilian dictatorship will vanish.

“Deception will not work again for too long in this country. The earlier we accept current realities and act accordingly the better for the future of our nation.”


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