How to be Modest and Glam in Church Today

When picking out clothes for church, one has to be careful. You can still be stylish and glam, still looking modest.


I personally do not advocate wearing revealing clothes to church, I mean, do not go to church to go and tempt all those brothers. Somebody should be able to tell the difference between when you are going to church and when you are going to club.

There are so many trends like fringes, ruffles, off shoulder, etc, for one to choose from, so let us check out some of these church fashion below;




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agatha ashi2

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agatha ashi4

agatha ashi3

agatha ashi5

agatha ashi6

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agatha ashi9

Would you wear a revealing clothe to church as a liberated person, or would you be conservative when dressing up for church? Tell us, in the comments below.


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