Fashion Tips To Ace a Job Interview

Mondays are my best days, even though many people dread the day. It is my best day because, Mondays present a clean slate, another opportunity to make a change in my life, and in my society. For some other people, it is a day for Interviews for their new jobs. So we are going to look at fashion that is not appropriate for going for your interviews.

Check out the fashion don’ts for job interviews:

Sheer Top

Whether the interview is formal or casual, do not go to an interview wearing a sheer top .The human resource person should be looking at the confidence on your face, and your general carriage, not your body parts.

No sheer tops

Uncomfortable Shoes

The day of your interview is not the day to flaunt your shoe game. Do not go for the interview wearing a pointy heel Louboutine or that Dior you have only worn twice because of how painful it is to walk in them. For an interview you need shoes that would aid in walking upright, in other to project confidence.

Kitten heels always works!

Plunging Necklines/ Mini dresses and skirts

Definitely, you do not want your opportunity of getting that job, to take a plunge down your exposed cleavage. Plunging necklines and tight dresses or short dresses are not suitable for interviews because of the same reason you should not wear sheer tops.

Not suitable for interview style!

No Jeans please

Jeans give the impression of a sloppy personality. Whether you are interviewing at a media outfit or a start-up company, you do not want to wear a jeans to the interview, except you want to give the wrong impression about your personality. It doesn’t matter if you are pairing it with a power blazer, it would still look sloppy.

Unless state otherwise, do proper formal instead of semi casual

Shun Elaborate hair and makeup

When going for an interview, modesty is the keyword. The purpose of the interview is to test your composure, smartness and how put together you are. You would be doing yourself a disfavour if you go looking like a Gypsy with elaborate hair, make up and low accessories

Do have a blessed week.



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