Model, Bella Hadid shows her breast on a fashion runway in Paris

Model, Bella Hadid shows her breast on a fashion runway in Paris

American model, Bella Hadid, sashayed down the fashion runway at the Alexendre Vauthier show at Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. The model who has no qualms wearing the most daring fashion items slipped into two very risque outfits for her walk down the runway.


The 20-year-old’s first look was a silvery/grey metallic gown with a plunging neckline that showed her cleavage and abs. She wore no bra beneath the dress. It also featured a crotch-high split that threatened to bare her lady parts. The brunette mostly had to hold the slit together to avoid a wardrobe malfunction.  After walking down the runway in the first outfit, she went for a change of attire and the second was even more daring than the first.


Her second look was a sheer top paired with high-waisted trousers. She complemented the look with a military hat that had a netted veil, then finished off with a pair of boots and a leather tummy belt. Just like in the first instance, she wore no bra and the sheer dress did nothing to hide her perky breasts.


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