How to avoid being lynched and mistaken for a Badoo Member In Ikorodu

Here are some Tips on how to avoid being lynched & mistaken for a Badoo Member In Ikorodu, Lagos State.

It is no more a news that residents of ikorodu are now taking laws into their hands in the quest for the eradication of the dreaded badoo gangs, thereby lynching a few innocents souls. This write up is just to guide you so you won’t gt lynched after been mistaken as badoo..

1. Always Go Out With Your ID Card: If you stay in ikorodu or you are going to ikorodu and your employer still havnt given you your I’d card.. Please, Protest

2. Do Not Go Around Carrying Silly hairstyle or haircut: If you have a haircut with an inscription ‘badoo’ just to honor the popular nigerian musician, I ll advice you stay clear of ikorodu

3. Do Not Dress Indecently: For the sake of your loved ones, those of you in ikorodu that still sag your trousers, please, travel outside ikorodu to sag cos you might be walking down the road one day and you will hear someone shout ‘ badoo,badoo,badoo’ and before you know it, you are lynched

4.Do not Stay Out Late: I think this is the most important thing in ikorodu right now, unless absolutely necessary, do not stay out late because the rate at which ikorodu residents are hungry for badoo blood ehn, you might just be in the wrong place at night.

5. Pray Before You Go Out: Well, I’m not a religious man but I will advice each and everyone of us to pray to watever God we serve before leaving our houses.


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