Dr. Paul Unongo: Why North will never allow Igbos breakout from Nigeria

A Second Republic Minister, Dr. Paul Unongo, has told those agitating for another country from the federal republic of Nigeria to think something else.

He said the North will never allow Biafra break out of Nigeria, insisting that the people calling for secession never saw the civil war.

Unongo said this while fielding questions from Newsmen, adding that the North was ready for a national sovereign conference so far it would not lead to breakup of Nigeria.

According to him, “I understand what the children from the North are doing. I understand that they are responding to what Nnamdi Kanu is doing in the East, calling for the balkanization of Nigeria.

“I do know that we cannot have another Biafra war. We fought a war for three years about Biafra and we slaughtered about three million people and ended the war, with the federalist winning.

“We cannot sit in an air conditioned house taking a look at the three million people that were sacrificed and then begin to share Nigeria and say – lets go back to Biafra.

“That can never happen. I’m not a child; I’m not a joker. I participated in that war. I know actually that these people are touting, doing politics, whether it is the young men in the East who are shouting about Biafra or the ones in the North.

“Lets hold a national conference. Even if it is a sovereign national conference, the North will go there, but if it is a conference to dissolve Nigeria, we will never allow that to take place, and there are many Igbo, many Yoruba and Hausa, who like me, a Tiv will say they can never allow these young men to breakup this country that we sacrificed three million men to keep together.”


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  1. Unfortunately, the Hausa/Fulani do not regard the Tiv and other middle belters as part of them
    This is evident in the way their herdsmen murder emass the people of middle belt at random

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