Lagos Begins Issuance Of Form E Marriage Certificates

Lagos Begins Issuance Of Form E Marriage Certificates

Local government areas in Lagos State have kicked start the issuing Form ‘E’ marriage certificates, following a judgement by the Lagos High Court, Igbosere.

Commissioner for Local Government and Community Affairs, Muslim Folami yesterday in Ikeja said the verdict did not undermine the constitutional rights and responsibilities of local governments to conduct, regulate and register marriages.

The court had recently ruled that issuance of modified unified marriage certificates by councils’ marriage registries was illegal and not in line with Form ‘E’ as stipulated in Section 24 of the Marriage Act.

“It only emphasised that the issuance of marriage certificates by the LG marriage registries should conform to the Marriage Act and the need for re-issuance of marriage certificates to affected persons. The marriages already conducted are still valid and good.

“Item 1 (i), Fourth Schedule, of the 1999 Constitution as amended, states that the local government is responsible for registration of births, deaths and marriages,” he added.

Folami said after consultation with the Ministry of Justice, the state government complied with the judgment by printing the Form E stated in the Marriage Act, adding that the forms were available in the 57 council marriage registries across the state.

The commissioner said anyone issued with the old modified unified marriage certificate should come forward to get the Form E marriage certificates.


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  1. Certificate issuance for traditional marriages need to be legalised in Nigeria
    This is very necessary to commpletely break the chain of slavery and colonisation
    A situation where foriegn system and method of marrying is placed above our own traditional marriage system amounts to a mockery of our values as a unique entity

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