Armed Customs officers search Cristiano Ronaldo’s luxury yacht in Spain

Armed customs offcers ​have conducted a search on Cristiano Ronaldo’s holiday​ yatch​​.

The Real Madrid star ​was stopped at high sea after leaving a restaurant on the paradise island of Formentera near Ibiza.

Ronaldo​ ​was reportedly on the yacht with girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and friends and family when the officials approached the vessel on a large boat.

The routine inspection ​l​asted around an hour and a half​, according to Spanish society magazine Hola, which broke the news​ late Wednesday.​

“A Customs camera filmed everything that happened during the inspection​”, Hola reported.​

“One of Cristiano’s relatives was the person who dealt with the administrative work and showed them the documentation they asked for.

“Ronaldo stayed very calm and at no time did he get up to speak to the officials or ask about what was happening.

“He was with his girlfriend Georgina and his mother Dolores Aveiro, who he was seen chatting with inside the yacht.”

The inspection is believed to have formed part of routine checks performed on vessels in the area, related to the paperwork on board to make sure the correct taxes have been paid.

The Customs agents are understood to have left after discovering everything on board Cristiano’s yacht, named as AYa London, was in order.


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