Sheriff and his loyalists will not​ go unpunished – Fayose

Sheriff and his loyalists will not​ go unpunished – Fayose

It was gathered that the Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has declared that though the deposed Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, and members of his faction, may have been forgiven, they would not go unpunished for causing the party members so much pains.

Fayose, who spoke in Ado Ekiti on Friday during his triumphant entry into Ekiti from Abuja‎, revealed that he would have burnt his membership card of the party and the PDP flag if Sheriff had won at the supreme court.

He revealed that he went to court with a perfume with the intention of destroying​ his card and the party’s flag if Sheriff had won at the Supreme Court saying.

“I never imagined myself being in the same party with impostors,” he said.

“I went to court with a perfume which I wanted to use to spray my cards and party flags and set them ablaze even within the court premises if Sheriff had won, that was why I went to court.

“Though, I believe that we remain the same PDP family but no one can cause our party such pains and embarrassment and expect that he would go without be asked to account for his actions.

“Even the reactions of Sheriff’s people show that we remain together. But the no victor, no vanquished that we said was a mere political slogan. Whoever that participated in this charade must show some reasonable level of remorse for their actions.

“Our party had ever remained one indissoluble family, which is PDP. It was only these impostors that were causing troubles but such had been laid to rest.

“PDP is a formidable force and we shall work up to the grassroots level to convince our people that we are up to the task of rebuilding this nation and win election in 2019.

“When I talk, people would say I always pose like a Nostradamus, a man who can see tomorrow. Whether they like it or not, I shall be in the Villa in 2019, so my ambition is very much alive.”


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