US finally lifts electronics ban on all flights

The United States Transportation Security Administration on Monday lifted a ban on passengers on Saudi Arabian Airlines carrying large electronics like laptops onboard U.S.-bound flights.

In March, US officials imposed restrictions on passengers carrying large electronics like laptops in cabins on nine airlines, most of which were Middle Eastern carriers, to address the potential threat of hidden explosives.

In June, US officials announced new security requirements for all airlines rather than an expansion of the laptop ban and have been dropping the restrictions from airlines as they boosted security.

While the ban lasted if a passenger must travel with electronic devices, they must be packed into their checked baggage.

Senior administration officials had explained that the law was prompted by “evaluated intelligence”, that terrorists continue to target commercial aviation by “smuggling explosives in portable electronic devices.”

The affected airports in eight countries were: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


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