Just For Laughs!!! I Am not Understanding Oh!

Just For Laughs!!! I Am not Understanding Oh!

I was on my own oh, chatting with my peeps when all of a sudden, because i use my cousin’s picture as my DP, one boy chatted me up on my inbox.

Boy: Hi deer

Me: Hi Hon

Boy: How was you doing?

Me: I am great

Boy: Ok, where do you born?

Me: where do i born? how?

Boy: I mean where does your borning begin?

Me: am confused

Boy: this girl…I mean where did you born yourself?

Me: hmm…please come again

Boy: which come

Me: I meant repeat your self

Boy: I say where did you been borned, this girl?

Me: i don’t understand oh

Boy: born! Born!! Borrrnnn! Bottom, drop, cry, wuawuawua… Place where dem you borns you.

I quickly logged out. My chest has been doing me somehow. I am scared to log in again o.


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