How release of sensitive information by Turkey weakens ISIS fight

How release of sensitive information by Turkey weakens ISIS fight

The release of sensitive military information by Turkish media could potentially disrupt U.S.-led operations to defeat the Islamic State terrorist group, Defence Department spokesman Eric Pahon told Sputnik.

“The release of sensitive military information exposes Coalition forces to unnecessary risk and has the potential to disrupt ongoing operations to defeat ISIS,” Pahon said, using an alternate acronym for the Islamic State.

Turkey’s Anadolu news agency earlier reported that the U.S. now has as many as 10 military posts in Syria in territory controlled by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party and Kurdish People’s Protection Units.

The report identified the locations where the 10 bases are located.

“For operational security reasons, we do not disclose the locations of Coalition forces operating in Syria to defeat ISIS,” Pahon said.

“While we cannot independently verify the sources that contributed to this story, we would be very concerned if officials from a NATO ally would purposefully endanger our forces by releasing sensitive information.

“We have conveyed these concerns to the Government of Turkey.”

The Anadolu report noted that the locations of U.S. forces are often designated as “closed zones” and are classified.

U.S. troops stationed in Syria assist Kurdish forces with airstrikes and shelling, and also train local forces and conduct operational planning.

Some units also participate in active combat operations, according to the report.

The report added that the bases are equipped with highly maneuverable artillery batteries, rocket launchers, mobile reconnaissance equipment and armored cars, Strykers in particular. (Sputnik/NAN)


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