(Episode 8) Queen Of Seduction… An Enchanting Story!

Queen rushed to the bathroom and had a quick shower with her perfumed shower gel. When she came out, she took her time to oil her body and sprayed on different body deodorants. Then she wore a nude colour crop top over a black push up bra that accentuated her boobs. She grabbed a tattered jean bikini and was glad at the image she saw in the mirror. She went to the room where Asha was having a sex chat on her phone with a foreigner that she had met online.

Queen: “how do I look?” she asked turning around.

Asha: “gosh you look hot, mehn. These your boobs can make a man forget his name o. If not that I am a lady just like you, I would have given anything up to fuck the hell out of you” she said and they giggled.

Queen ran out when she heard someone walk in to the compound.

Queen was surprised to find out that Mercy was still lurking around the compound when she came out to usher chief into her room.

Queen: “don’t tell me that you are still here o. Do you think staying here will make me change my mind? You better leave o, tor”

Mercy: “Queen please, for the sake of our parents I beg you”

“Who is this lady” chief who had just parked his car asked.

Queen: “Oh, don’t mind her. She was my house help and after I discovered that she has been stealing from me, I sent her out yet she would not leave” ahw lied.

Chief: “that is terrible. So you mean people still steal in this generation? Young lady, can’t you just leave this premises? Or do you want us to get you arrested?”

Queen: “don’t bother your head about her. Come let’s go in” she said and led him by the hand into the room while flaunting her butts at him.

Chief was impressed with the sexy body that ushered him into the room. As soon as they stepped into the living room, he grabbed her by the waist and drew her close but she stopped him.

Queen: “hey, what is that? I am not a prostitute, you know” she said removing his hand from her waist.

Chief: “I know, it’s just that your body is driving me crazy. I feel like I will cum in my trousers by merely staring at you”

Queen: “Well, welcome to my humble apartment” she said moving over to the bar to get them wine.

Chief: “It’s beautiful. But I thought you said you live with your parents? I was expecting to see your family and all the family house glamour you know”

Queen: “Er…yes…no. Actually, my father got this apartment for me and it serves as a guest inn where I can entertain my friends especially school mates. Sometimes one needs to get away from all those family house stress. A girl needs her space you know” she lied.

Chief: “I see. But, do you school in Nigeria?”

Queen: “Hell no. Me school in Nigeria? My father would never allow that. I school in Cambridge. I like to stay here anytime I am in Nigeria, that is the only way I can entertain friends like you without becoming the topic of gossips of various media houses and bloggers” she bent down to pour him a glass of wine and chief smacked his lips when he saw her breasts threatening to fall down from the tight crop top she had on.

He stretched forth his hands to grab her boobs but she flung it away playfully.

“So, tell me about yourself. You said you are a politician?” she asked him.

Chief: “oh yes I am. You mean you don’t know me? Haven’t you been seeing me on your television screen?”

Queen: “no, I hardly watch local television channels” she said sipping her drink.

Chief: “Well, I am a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria” he said quickly.

“wow, this one na big fish o” Queen muttered to herself.

Chief: “What did you say?” he asked straining his ears to hear what she was saying.

Queen: “nothing, I wasn’t talking to you. Wow, a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in my house. That is great! Now I have to be very careful o”

Chief: “its okay my dear. Do you now understand why I didn’t want you to come and meet me in any hotel? All these media people will not allow us live out lives in peace. Any little thing and one is in the news. Do you know I had to disguise myself by dressing down and using a cab to get here?”

Queen: “Are you serious?”

Chief: “of course. Don’t you know me?”

Queen: “I don’t o. How many senators do I know, seff. I am not that current jare”

She drew close to him and planted a kiss on his lips. Chief dropped his glass and scouped her breasts in his hands. He brought his lips to her nipples but she stopped him.

Queen: “not so fast, chief”

Chief: “you are killing me baby. Can’t you see that I am so hard already?” he grabbed her hand and place it on his groin.

Queen: “I need your help, chief. I need to change my furniture and buy a bigger TV” she said.

Chief: “that is no problem. How much are we talking about?”

Queen: “3 million naira will do” she said looking at him directly in the eyes.

Chief: “I will transfer 5 million naira into your account as soon as we are done with this. The extra 2 million is for miscellaneous expenses”

Queen’s face lit up with excitement. “Are you this generous?”

Chief: “why shouldn’t I be? It is Nigerian money and you are a Nigerian so you have every right to enjoy the money”

Queen: “thank you so much, chief. She dropped her wine carefully on the table and packed her hair up into a ponytail. Then she got on her knees and unzipped his trousers. She brought out his dick from his boxers, it felt big and invitingly sexy.

She rolled her wet tongue over it and massaged it with her hands. She opened wide her mouth and gave him a head. It was the best blow job experience that chief had ever had and he could not contain the pleasure as he moaned and groaned aloud.

Chief: “baby, you are a professional at this. Give it to me mehn” he screamed.

Queen: “you like it?” she asked raising her head to look at him.

Chief: “I love it. I will give you whatever you want, I promise”

Queen pushed his dick deeper into until it could touch her throat. Chief could not contain the sensational feeling that act produced and soon he came in her mouth, spilling his seeds on her full breasts.

Question: Gosh, this Queen can be so gullible and foolish. My people, please o, is it possible for a top politician to behave like this?

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  1. Yes some Nigerian senators can behave this way but this chief seems to me a fake, and that will serve queen well

  2. Anything is possible in Nigeria.
    But if he isn’t a senator, then they’re meant for each other as they both yarn the same level of lies

  3. I think asha has been the one running her mouth abt queen to her parents jst so queen will throw mercy out then she can get mercy to join them and queen is falling right into the trap.

  4. better for her taught she over sabi while not get the money first before giving below job. I concern me no I even pray make the man dupe her all her sex earns money

  5. Thank God Queen’s teacher is here, it is possible for senator to behave in such manner, but this one is a scam.

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