Hushpuppi blasts Nigerian lady who demanded to know the source of his wealth

Popular socialite and IG big boy, Hushpuppi, clapped back at a female fan who demanded to know the source of his money, while also referencing some Nigerian wealthy individuals whose source of wealth is known!

The female fan, finding it hard to understand how a poor guy like him could get so rich, wrote;

“But pardon my manners, we will like to know what you do for a living at least we know dangote is the owner of dangote sugar, cement etc and otedola is the owner of forte oil, while Tony Elumelo is the owner of UBA and a philantrophist. But what exactly do you do? How did the poor kid became a rich kid? I am just a curious Nigerian though.”

And Hushpuppi replied…

“First before tha your nosey ass should be curious how what another person, a total stranger does part of your business. You not curious where your president is? Your not curios why your nosey ass is poor? Continue to look for pardon. For your nosey ass manners up and down. Mrs Know it all.”


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  1. However abusive he may be to a harmless inquiry about himself by a curious fellow Nigerian,the truth will surely show,sooner than later,I know!

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