72-year-old man shoots 28-year-old wife because she said ‘He didn’t satisfy her well’ (Photos)

A 28-year-old lady, has been left in critical but stable condition after her 72-year-old husband Clarence White, reportedly grabbed a 22-caliber handgun and shot her in the face on Thursday morning for daring to say ‘he didn’t satisfy her sexually or financially’.

New York Daily News sources claimed the incident which happened in Bronx was triggered by an argument between White and his 28-year-old wife over her growing dissatisfaction, which came up after he lost his job.

Clarence White was found by responding officers around 8:40 a.m. sitting on the floor in a hallway of their home on Glebe Ave. in Parkchester, while his who was shot in the right cheek was taken to Jacobi Medical Center.

The suspect who told told Cops “I shot my wife’, said during the argument, his wife ordered him to move out which made him shot her in the face in anger.

Appearing before the Bronx Criminal Court on Friday, a judge ordered White held on $300,000 bail when he was arraigned on attempted murder, assault, harassment and weapons possession charges.



  1. Prison for you!! At least you have free accommodation, food, medical and clothes!!! Your wife who was not satisfied now has to fend for herself!!!!!

  2. What was she expecting from a 72year old man? Magic? Serves her right. Long throat. I advise young ladies to look for young men. But they want money, forgetting that money comes and goes.

  3. What’s she expecting from a 72year old man, magic? She got what she deserves. Young ladies settle with young men and patiently wait on God’s blessings, but No. You want what another woman has built.

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