(Episode 15) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

On Monday morning, very early at about 5am, Liz was just returning from night class with Feyi…

Feyi: “I am so glad today’s paper is afternoon. I will sleep a bit before the exam.

Liz: “yeah, I am tired as well. See you when the day breaks.” She said as they both departed to their different blocks…


In the Clinic, Jason and a group of his colleagues had just come back from a ward round. He and Ahmad were chatting as they were walking on one of the walkways in the hospital.

Ahmad: “hmmm, guy, I see sey you dey smile.” He said teasing his, Jason.

Jason: “yeah,” he sighed.

Ahmad: “that sounds nice and cool!”

Jason: “I feel like I am relieved. We are meeting today. I told her to let us see today”. He said smiling.

Ahmad: “yeah! That’s my G!” he said slapping Jason’s palm. “So, how is it going?” he asked curiously.

Jason: “How will it go before? Normal, of course! “He said looking at him, amused.


In the evening, after the day’s exam, Liz and Feyi were returning from the exam hall…

Liz: “oh, we are getting relived bit by bit. Before you know it we’re done with the exams.” She said to Feyi, smiling as they walked to the hostel.

Feyi: “you have no idea how I feel? I am losing weight so drastically”, she complained looking round her body.

Liz: “I can see how slim you are”, Liz replied teasingly. “Once I get to the hostel, the first thing I will do is eat, then sleep”. She said, yawning.

Feyi: “same here with me. I will just go and sleep, I can’t kill myself. Besides, we still have several years ahead of us.” She said to Liz as they were about to part ways on the walk way.

Liz was in bed when Jason called her…

Jason: “Hi! How did your day go?” He asked her, with keen interest.

Liz: “Normal”, she replied simply. And how was your day today?” she asked him, sitting upright in bed.

Jason: “Hmmm, WARDLY”, He stressed the word, with a sign of tiredness.

Liz: “oh, I can imagine. Sorry, but take your time to relax”, she advised him.

Jason: “hmmm, relax in the world of medicine?” he asked rhetorically.

Liz: “I know how busy it can get, but you still need to relax. You can only work when the life and strength is there you know.” She advise further.

Jason: “don’t worry, when you get here, you’ll understand better, how it is done here”. He said, smiling.

Liz: “when I get to the bridge I’ll cross it.

Jason: “Sorry, I did not ask you how your exams went. How have your exams been so far?”

Liz: “They have been going well. I’m a bit relieved. I did biochemistry today”.

Jason: “wow! How was it?”

Liz: “I just did what I could”. She said looking less worried.

Jason: “okay. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best”.

Liz: “Yeah. Thanks. So, how am I going to see you?” she asked him, with keen interest and smiling.

Jason: “I missed you!”

Liz: “yes, I know. Where will I see you?” she replied brushing the fore topic aside.

Jason: “I will come to your hostel this night, since I won’t be on night call. How about that? He said, requesting her suggestion.

Liz: “NO!” She refused bluntly.

Jason: “why? Is it not better I come around, so you will not have to walk alone in the dark?” he asked, looking confused.

Liz: “I will come to Clinical Students’ hostel. What about that?” she suggested, looking into the ceiling.

Jason: “hmmm, you always have your ways!” he said, heaving a sigh of relief.

Liz: “Answer me, Yes or No?!

Jason: “as your lordship pleases ma’am”. He joked.

Liz: “okay, expect me!” she stated, almost smiling.

Jason: “alright, dear!” they both hung the phone.



After the long conversation with Jason, Liz was about to sink into her bed when she had another round of phone call. It was Sinachi, her old time friend and secondary school mate that called…

Liz: “Wow! Sinachi!” she almost shouted on phone, smiling brightly.

Sinachi: “Hello Lizzy! It’s been a while. I missed you.” She said giggling on phone.

Liz: “I miss you more darling! It’s really an age! And you didn’t even bother to check on me since you left for Canada, it’s not fair girlfriend!” she said feeling a little bit disappointed.

Sinachi: “you have every means to be angry, but forgive me. I am very sorry! How is everything now, Nigeria, Lagos, School, the guys, you know?” she asked in a very sarcastic manner.

Liz: “we are all fine. Everybody is good! So, how is schooling over there? You know life and everything?” she asked, sitting at the edge of her bed.

Sinachi: “fine! Fine! Fine!” She replied, twitching her neck.

Liz: “okay, so what’s up nah? Any news for our girl?”

Sinachi: “of course trust me nah! I know you love gists, I have them in loads for you. Wait till I get to Nigeria!” she replied.

Liz: “you coming to Nigeria?” She asked, screaming. And her other roommate, Faith was wondering was could be so bemusing.

Sinachi: “Yes!” she screamed. And the two giggled silly.

Liz: “wow! I can’t wait to see you. When are you coming?” she asked keenly.

Sinachi: “Next two weeks:” she replied, laughing.

Liz: “wow, perfect! I will be through with exams by then it’s my birthday period, and I will be home. Everything is just working perfectly.” She said, smiling.

Sinachi: “okay, till then. I gotta go. Talk to you later.” She swiped her receiver to the left.


Few hours later, Liz dressed up to go see Jason in his hostel.

She met Felix in the common room…

Liz: “hi Felix!” she greeted him, offering him a handshake.

Felix: “hello Liz! What are you doing here?” he asked her looking surprised.

Liz: “I have come to see a friend!” she replied pointing to the direction of the lines of room in the clinical students’ hostel.

Felix: “okay! Have a good night.” He said leaving her.

Liz dialed Jason’s number, and he came out to receive her.

Jason: “wow! You blew my mind.” He said as he saw her, opening his arms.

Liz: “yes!” she chuckled as she hugged him.

Jason: “okay, let’s go outside” and they both left for the pitch outside the hostel.

The two sat on a log of wood in a corner at the extreme of the field.

Jason:” I missed you”.  He sniffed her nape, resting his chin on her shoulder.

Liz: “Hey, hold on”.  She spoke softly

Jason: “have you come to give me a positive response?” he asked her, smiling and looking into her eyes.  Liz paused, looked into his eyes for some minutes…

Liz: “I think I like you. You’re dogged, caring and nice!” she said, squinting. Jason smiled and they remained in each other’s arms for long.

Question: “Is Liz going to tell Liz anything about her relationship with Jason?

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    • Hello ALCREW&FANs,

      Even the extraneous details go to show the impractical nature of our interrelations in campuses.
      Wish them all the best.


  1. This story is somehow. Am on chapter 13 and still waiting for the ‘aha’ moment. No thrills, no suspense. Kinda dry. Sorry Adeline this one no too connect.

  2. pls post 8 episodes a day and lets be done with dis campus love affair. i am tired. it’s wat i see everyday here in schl, and nw i ve to read about it again. # sighs#

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