(Episode 16) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Liz tiptoed into her room, gently climbed her bunk bed after she had undressed. She stayed up till daybreak to study for the next day’s paper. At day break, she left for the exam hall without calling her friend, Feyi.

Feyi: “Liz!” she shouted her name at the corridor of her room. Faith, Liz’s second roommate replied.

Faith: “she has left.” She replied standing at the door.

Feyi: “and she couldn’t come and call me? After all she will pass my block on her way”.Feyi complained. “okay! Thanks” she said leaving.

Faith: “you are welcome! I wish you success in your exams!” she shouted as Feyi left.

Liz was already seated in front of the exam hall, glancing through her material. Feyi walked up to her.

Feyi:” wow! You surprised me today” she said, poking at Liz.

Liz: “I don’t need to ask you what I did. I am sorry” she apologized.

Feyi: “I have heard. That’s by the way, where were you last night? She asked her as she found a comfortable place to sit beside her.

Liz: “I was in my room.” She said, shrugging her shoulders.

Feyi: “really?” she asked her, looking surprised.

Liz: “why that look?! She said

Feyi: “cause I was in your room several times, and none of your roommates knew your whereabouts.” She said feeling slightly irritated.

Liz: “oh, I was outside the hostel at a time.” She lied to her.

Feyi:”hmmmm, okay. If you say so. Let’s get serious abeg, we have serious exam this morning!” she said, brushing the topic off.

Few hours after the exam…

Liz: “how was the exam Feyi?” she asked her, removing a dirt from her hair.

Feyi: “not bad. How about yours?” she asked her, looking at her face.

Liz: “good. Glory to God! Let’s go to hostel” she said as she held Feyi’s hand.   They left for hostel and went to their separate rooms.

Liz however, was obsessed in Jason already. She decided to chat with Jason on phone.

Liz: “hey are you on Ward round?” she asked as she lay in bed.

Jason:” no. Helping my chief to do some project work”.

Liz: “Where are you then?”

Jason: “the hospital library”.

Liz: “okay! So, what’s up?”

Jason:” I’m fine. You?”

Liz:” good. You didn’t even ask how my exam went”.

Jason:” oops! Pardon me. It eluded me. How did it go, by the way?”

Liz:” Fine. Trust me now. I killed it”. She said boastfully.

Jason: “Yeah, that’s my girl. I believe in you’.

Liz: “thanks”. She said, smiling.

Jason: “you’re welcome my lady. That reminds me. Your birthday is just few weeks away”.

Liz:” yes! Wow! You still remember?” she said feeling happy and loved.

Jason:” of course! I have you close to my heart”. He teased her.

Liz:” I’m really amazed. You’ve just knocked me speechless”.

Jason:” so, how are we celebrating it?” he asked to know her opinion.

Liz:” nothing much. Just with friends in school. You know I will be through with exams then.  And I am sure it will be lit with my friend, Sinachi and my brothers back at home. Moreover, we’re going on a family vacation to Ghana”. She said in a state of ecstasy.

Jason: “okay! How about we celebrate it together? Just you and me?” he smiled.

Liz: “I’d like to go to the cinema. To see a movie”. She said childishly.

Jason:” your wish. Sealed!”

Liz:” awwwwwn, that’s so sweet of you. I’ll look forward to the day”. She said eagerly.

Feyi entered her room in the middle of the conversation with Jason. She quickly ended the conversation so that her friend won’t sense anything.

Feyi: “see her lazy bone, she’s still in bed. Come on get up!” she said, spanking Liz on her thighs.

Liz: “leave me alone. I want to rest”, she said lazily.

Feyi: “for how long will you rest? Let’s go. You know we have just one more paper to do. That’s by the way, is your birthday not next week?” she asked, trying to remember.

Liz: “Yup!” she replied swinging her arms in the air.

Feyi: “I wish to be around but…” Liz cut her short

Liz: “but what?” she asked her, pressing in her neck.

Feyi: I have to be at home immediately after exams, and besides David will be around for summer.” She replied her, smiling. “That’s by the way, I have come to call you for night class.” She said

Liz: “I am not going” she answered immediately. Feyi, however, never bothered to ask her why.

Liz: “I’ve had enough, can we say something different?” she said to her friend, feeling indifferent about the topic.



On the day of Liz’s last exam, she resorted to her bed, looking blankly with thousands of thoughts running across her mind. She jerked off while staring at a picture on her device. Feyi came into Liz’s.

Feyi:” wow!  Finally. I’m free of exams.  So, I look forward to second semester. I can’t wait to go home “.

Liz:” hmmm, to go home or to go see David?” Liz teased.

Feyi:” but, I’ll get home before I see him now. It’s been long I saw him. Since the night of our valedictory service in school”.

Liz:” hmmmmm, I see”.

Feyi:” have a look at his pic” Feyi showed Liz her boyfriend’s pic on her phone.

Liz:” wow!  He’s so cute”.

Feyi:” yes! I know”.

Liz:” but, don’t you think he might be cheating? You’re thousands of miles away from each other, and over there, there are a whole lot of clean girls”.

Feyi:”I’m being positive that everything will be fine.  And besides we talk almost every day. So, what more?”

Liz:” nothing.  I’m just kind of ambivalent as to how a guy will be in such a place while his put is here under the scorching sun in Nigeria”.

Feyi:” I love him and he loves me equally.  Distance is no barrier”.

Liz:” okay. I wish you well”.

Feyi:” thanks. That’s by the way, how about you, Liz? ”

Liz:” me?  What happened to me?”

Feyi: “you’ve never mentioned your boyfriend to me before “.

Liz:” ha ha ha”, she laughed hysterically. “You know if I have one, you’ll be the first to know”.

Feyi:” okay. But, as pretty as you are, no one has ever made any advances to you?”

Liz: “madam, I have just told you my status”.

Feyi:” okay, I’m just wondering”.

Liz:” wonder no more. Feyi in wonderland”

Feyi:” that’s by the way. You know your birthday is next week. So, how are we celebrating it?”

Liz:” indoors”

Feyi: what do you mean by indoors? ”

Liz:” where is indoors if not my room?”

Feyi: “anyhow. I know you for whom you are”.

Jason sent a message to Liz, requesting to see her.

Jason:” hi! How are you doing?  And how did your exams go?”

Liz:” fine! Fine! Fine! I’m free at last!”

Jason:” not yet dear. You have five more years to go, remember “.

Liz:” yes! I know that. But, I won’t go back to those courses anymore you know “.

Jason:” yes!  But, remember the further you go, the tougher it gets”.

Liz:” yes, and the race is neither for the swift nor the steady”.

Jason: “yes ma’am. Now that you’re done with exams, I hope there will be more time for us before you go home?”

Liz:” I’ll try and create time. But, we’ll only meet at night?”

Jason:” wait a minute, why do you choose night over day?”

Liz: no string attached.  I only like the serenity here. That’s all”.

Jason:” and the warmth I give you, right?”

Liz: “hmmmm, listen to you. You’re so perverse”

Jason: “I am just speaking what I sense”.

Liz and Jason became entangled in each other’s embrace.

Jason:” I want to feel you inside of me”

Liz:” there you go again”

Jason tilted his head sideways, loosened his zipper…

Shortly afterwards, Liz left for hostel… she met Faridah the walkway.

Faridah: “hey Liz! Feyi is looking for you”.

Liz:” okay, Thanks.  Where is she?”

Faridah:” she should be in her room. Go check her”

Liz:” okay, thanks”.

Liz met Feyi on the staircase.

Feyi:”I’ve looked everywhere for you, where have you been?” she asked her looking worried.

Liz:” hmmmm”, she stammered, scratching her scalp. “I went to the school gate”.

Feyi: “school gate at this hour?”

Liz: “yes! Went to withdraw at the ATM gallery”.

Feyi:” what about the ones at different spots on campus? Isn’t it too far?”

Liz:” they were not dispensing cash”.

Feyi: “but I was at the one close to the library few hours ago and it dispensed”.

Liz: “Hmmm, the service was unavailable at the time I went”.

Feyi:” but, you don’t seem to look okay. Your hair is unkempt”.

Liz:” I’m fine”

Feyi:” okay. That’s by the way. David is back”. Feyi grinned.

Liz:” Wow! That’s so amazing”. She said with a wry smile.

Feyi:” yes! That’s why I’ve been looking for you. I will be going home tomorrow”

Liz:” yes!  You need it. But, I will miss you”.

Feyi:” I will miss you more, baby”.

Liz:” extend my greetings to him. I need to go upstairs. I’m so exhausted”.

Feyi:” okay, Pele.

Liz:” yeah, Thanks”.

Feyi called Liz as she observed a stain on her dress.

Feyi:” wait a minute Liz. Your dress is stained”.

Liz:” stain? Where?”

Feyi:” blood stain at your backside”.

Liz:” ow, it’s my timeout. I will go to my room to change”. She said, looking back at her stained outfit.

Feyi:”okay, good night!”

Liz:” sleep well.


The following morning, Feyi was set to go home…

Liz: “I will miss you, girlfriend” she said hugging Feyi at the hostel’s car park.

Feyi: “I will miss you more. Take care of you for me. Don’t miss me too much, and don’t forget my kente from Ghana”

Liz: “I definitely won’t. My best to the family”.

Feyi: “I will extend your greetings to everyone”

Liz: “call me when you get home. Love you”.

Question: Does she really love Feyi as she claims? If so, why is she not transparent?

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  1. Yea she do.. You know she is a girl, and sometimes its good to keep secret until u are sure of what u are doing

    • I swear Liz is a pretender..if only feyi knows the kind of person she is she ll steer clear.. I am already hating Liz sef..

  2. I wonder why she is being so secretive about the whole thing, i hope she doesnt make a mistake with this Jason guy

  3. Michele you’re right. We don’t know if anything happened at Jason’s, reason behind the blood stain whether she was deflowered or really her period, why the unkempt hair. Adelove pls be transparent and catchy na adults they read this na

  4. I hope Jason won’t disappoint you at the end because he had already felt you inside him.Hummmmmmmm.. I hope he is who you think..
    You better open up before it is too late,so you won’t jeopardize the ambition of becoming a medical Doctor.

  5. Blood stain on Liz’s outfit?Are thinking the same direction with me?That Jason guy is a chauvinist he will definetly push Liz away when anything goes wrong or he might use her as pratical. Medical student nah you know!

  6. wen she gets pregnant she shudnt tell feyi tooo cus if I were feyi I won’t answer her or b happy with her….rubbish I open my Hrt to u u re dere kipin secrets…mitcheeeeew

    • Yes u r right the story is very boring just reading to pass time when am bored.. This is the most boring story av read on adelove.com cus i knw them to post intriguing,interesting and mild blowing stories dnt knw why this is boring

  7. “Jason tilted his head sideways, loosened his zipper……….
    Shortly afterwards, Liz left for hostel… ”

    ” Fey:” Blood stain at your backside ”

    Pls i don’t get it, why not be open. We are all grown ups, why cutting everything short? Pls be transparent because that’s the fun of the story, Thank you.

  8. Now I get it, this is where she lost her virginity. I had to back track searching for where she lost it.

    Seems a new writer wrote this. Well done, you’ll get better with time

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