(Episode 17) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

(Episode 17) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky... Campus Life Experience!

Jason was in his hostel, while Liz was preparing to go home in her own hostel. A call came through to Jason. Queen, an old time friend and Jason’s ex, called him from The U.K. after a long time of being in touch, as they had lost contact long ago.

Jason: “hello!” he said, wondering who the caller was.

Queen: “hey Jass!” It’s Queen!” she said excitedly.

Jason: “wow! Queen, how are you, long time.” He said smiling

Queen: “yeah! Long time indeed. And you never bothered to reach me.” She complained to him.

Jason: “I am sorry. I lost your contact!” he said.

Queen: “that’s no excuse, with all the social media platforms, you could search me on any now.” She said to him, pretending to be upset.

Jason: “that’s true, but you know the nature of my course. I hardly have time” he replied apologetically.

Queen: “okay, I called to let you know I will be in Nigeria in few months’ time” she told him, smiling.

Jason: “wow! That’s great! He said, smiling.

The two ended the conversation…


Few minutes later, Jason felt a knock at the door. He was surprised at what he saw

Jason: What are you doing here?

Lady: To see you o’course. Don’t you miss me?

Jason: Hold on.. i told you it’s over between us. You don’t have to come to me anymore

Lady: Not after you used me, now you wanted to dump me? Naaaahhh! Anyways, i have this urge to be pounded since last night. You wanna help a Sister out?

Jason: What do you mean by that?

Lady: I need to get laid Jason. Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? i need you nowww..

Jason felt a bulge in between his thighs, as the voice sounded so erotic. What mattered at that moment was the very peaceful silence that was lingering in the room, and the feeling of want that was already clearly within the two of them.

She moved closer to Jason as he brought down his arms, Jason succumbed and pulled her up to him and laid her parallel to him across the bed so he could look into her eyes. They both stared at each other for a moment. This was not the first time they had been so close. She felt him greatly, the warmth she had around him was not just heat, it was an emotional surge that went right into her, and her heart started to steadily beat.

Sex for them was fun, like a favorite childhood past time activity. They had their routine always well planned prior to their breakup, if not out loud it was set in their minds. They did not realized what was going to happen next. She began to gently kiss Jason and would not let him go. Jason  kept her in his arms the whole time. He moved her underneath him, but he never let his lips move from hers. It was the first time in a long time that the both of them had become aroused from just kissing. Their bodies were wrapped up in each other like a human knot. It was like they were lying together on a field, laughing and talking and not caring about responsibility.

Very smoothly, both their bodies and minds worked together. She took his pants off, he took hers off. He began to feel her skin with his fingers. Moving inch by inch across her chest, down her stomach to feel and read her body. He then began to kiss her chest and move all the way down to her hips. He did not need to move any lower. She was ready for him.

Lady: I still love you Jason. She revealed as she was ready for real action


Liz was set to go home, her mum called to tell her, her brother, Daniel came to pick her from the park, when she arrived in Lagos.

Mrs Jackson: ” Hello Dear! How are you doing?”

Liz: “good morning mum! I’m fine”.

Mrs Jackson: “Have you left school?”

Liz:” I’m about leaving “.

Mrs Jackson:” okay, good. Give me a call when you get to the park. Daniel will come to pick you up”.

Liz:” okay sweet mum. Thanks”.

Mrs Jackson:” Alright baby! Safe trip”.

Liz:” Amen! Thanks mum”.

On the walkway, a course mate bade Liz safe trip home.

Amaka:”ow you’re going home, Liz?”

Liz:” yes!”

Amaka:” safe trip. We’ll see next semester”.

Liz:” sure! Thanks”.

Amaka:” what about Feyi?”

Liz:” she’s gone home since last week or so”.

Amaka:” ow! I see. Have not been seeing her around”.

Liz:” Yes. I have to leave for the park on time, to beat traffic”.

Amaka:” That’s true. Safe trip”.

Liz:” thanks dearie”.

Liz arrived in Lagos at about 6pm. Daniel was already at the Ojota bus stop waiting for her. She called her brother on phone.

Liz:” Hey Dan! I’m at the bus stop. Where are you? ”

Daniel:” hi Lizzy! I am at the park”.

Liz:” ow, that means I’ll have to walk down?”

Daniel: “No! You can fly. Should I send you a parachute?”

Liz:”hmmmmm” she grumbled, pouting.

Daniel:” you had better come meet me here, before I change my mind”.

Liz:” okay, will join you soon”.

Daniel: “I drove mummy’s car. Her Cherokee Jeep”.

Liz: “okay. Have seen you”.

Daniel:” Wow! See my lil sister.  You are a full grown lady now” he opened his arms to hug her.

Liz: “of course what do you expect?  I’m 20, you know”.

Daniel:” Remind me once again. How are you doing?  I missed you”.

Liz:” missed you too bro”.

Daniel helped her with her luggage into the boot.

In the car…

Liz: “wow! I’m so exhausted! ”

Daniel:” Awww, sorry. Have some water” he offered her a bottle of water in the car.

Liz” Thanks!”

Daniel:” so, tell me, how is school? You know campus life here in Nigeria and the Gs?”

Liz:” campus life is damn stressful, Dan. Especially the overcrowded cubicles called rooms”.

Daniel: “yeah!  I feel your pain.  But you could get an apartment of yours off campus”.

Liz:” That is if mum will let me. She’s so protective”.

Daniel:” ow that’s true. You know she wants to protect her only daughter and baby of the house”.

Liz:” I am an adult for crying out loud.  I will take care of me”.

Daniel:” Yes, I know you’re an adult. But you can’t watch over your head dearie” he said mimicking Liz’s voice. We hear news of hoodlums invading hostels off campus, raping and molesting girls.  And besides, staying in the hostel will teach you some realities of life, you know”.

Liz:” I will learn whatever it is I want to learn wherever I stay”.

Daniel:” save me the gists till we get home, girl. Let me concentrate on the driving.

They arrived home around 7:30pm. Isaac John is a serene environment in the Government Reserved Area of the Ikeja metropolis. So, everywhere was calm at the time they arrived home.

Mrs: Jackson: “Welcome my baby”. She hugged her daughter so tightly. “I missed you so much, baby girl”.

Liz:” Missed you too mum”

Mrs Jackson: “how was study? Your exams, how did they go?”

Liz:” Fine mum! But, mum, let me in. I’m so tired”.

Mrs Jackson:” ow yes!  Sorry dear. Go in, freshen up and come have your meal. I prepared your favourite dish”.

Liz:” yes, mummy.  Will join you soon. And what about dad?” She screamed from her bedroom.

Mrs Jackson:” He’s gone out with Isaac”.

The next morning, Liz met her dad in the living room.

Liz:” Good morning, dad! How was your night?”

Engr Jackson:” good morning Elizabeth. My night was great. And yours?”

Liz:” fine dad. Thanks!

Engr Jackson:” We need to talk. That’s when I come back in the evening though”.

Liz:” okay daddy!”

She helped with his suitcase to the garage. And he drove off to his office.

Mrs Jackson:” Elizabeth!” She screamed her name from her bedroom.

Liz:” Yes mummy! I will be with you shortly”.

In her mum’s bedroom…

Liz:” here I am mum”.

Mrs Jackson:” has your dad left?”

Liz:” Yes!  Any problem?”

Mrs Jackson: “nothing! Have your seat. Your dad and I had a discussion that you would have to travel to Ukraine to complete your studies, so, I want to know your opinion”.

Liz:” but mum, I’m already in a school, studying medicine. And will be in 300 level come next session”.

Mrs Jackson:” yes, we know. But, your dad wants the best for you”.

Liz:” I know he wants the best for me, but he could have sent me when I was here few years back wasting my time re-sitting Jamb exams”.

Mrs Jackson:” will you shut up! How dare you speak to me about your father like that? “Mrs Jackson fumed

Liz:” I am sorry mum. I didn’t mean to be rude. I’m only trying to say let me finish my first degree here and I’ll travel abroad for my postgraduate course. And besides I want The UK, not Ukraine”.

Mrs Jackson: “ow I see! Till your dad returns”.

In the late afternoon, Liz was chatting with Feyi on phone via WhatsApp.

Liz:” hey Feyi!”

Feyi:” hi Liz! What’s up?”

Liz:” nothing much, other than my parents usual stunts”

Feyi:” Stunts!  How do you mean? ”

Liz:” yes! They want me to go to Ukraine to complete my education”.

Feyi:” wow! That’s great”.

Liz:” Great? What’s great about that? ”

Feyi:” everything dear! Just that I’ll miss you”.

Liz:” see me see trouble, I thought you would even support me…”

Feyi:” support you for what? To protest with you against your parents’ wish or what?”

Liz:” Never mind! I’ll be good”.

Feyi:” okay, just take your time to think over it before taking a decision you’ll not regret at the end”.

Liz:” thanks madam” spare me all these sermons”.

Feyi:” you know I will always tell you the truth”.

Liz:” I know.  Bye for now”.

Feyi:” are you running away from me?”

Liz:” no, not at all. Going to pack my luggage. We’re leaving for Ghana in two days’ time”.

Feyi:”okay! Wish you and your family a happy vacation. And don’t forget my kente”.

Liz: “I won’t. Later!”

Liz: What will happen to my new Boo, Jason if my parents succeed transferring me abroad to further my education? Hmmm… she said to herself.

Question: Who is the unknown lady that came in right after Jason finished call with o’time girlfriend, Queen?  is Liz thinking straight at all? Who jettisons education abroad for the over populated schools here? Or is there some strings attached?

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    • Morning ALCREW&FANs,

      Interesting, now things are getting thicker. Perhaps some old campus game @ Jason.
      Liz is still naive and taking a wrong step….something tells me the Ghana trip will change her.

      Happy month end, everyone, stay safe & well!


  1. She will regret staying back to continue her studying in Nigeria for the sake of her love for Jason.

  2. I don’t want to believe Jason is a play boy….Liz hmmmm I hope you won’t make a wrong decision because of Jason

  3. jason had been a bad guy from the beginning, d lady could be one of his ex n as for Liz she should beta get her ass up nn go to Ukraine than getting her 20 years old heart broken

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