(Episode 18) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

On a Friday evening, Liz was bored at home, so she decided to call Sinachi her friend, so they could hang around since she’s around in Nigeria, and she promised to spend time with her for birthday. She called Sinachi on her temporary Nigerian line.

Liz: “hey babe? How are you doing?” she asked how she’s faring.

Sinachi: “bored! I am sick of this place. Just staying indoors.” She complained to her friend.

Liz: “hmmmm, my situation is no different from yours. And besides, my parents have started with their drama again.” she said.

Sinachi: “hahhahhha!” she laughed hysterically.

Liz:” what’s funny?” she asked, pretending to be angry.

Sinachi: “everything babe! Who keeps a 20 year old lady, university student indoors and controls her life with buttons these days?” she asked amidst laughter.

Liz: “Engr and Mrs Jackson”, she replied, laughing. “Do you know the latest now?” she asked her

Sinachi: “tell me, my ears are itching”. She asked eagerly.

Liz: “they want me to travel to Ukraine to complete my education”. She said, frowning at the ceiling.

Sinachi: “isn’t that a waste of time?” she asked, sounding confused.

Liz: “oh, I thought I was the only one thinking this way. They want me to leave after spending how many years here already in Nigeria. And that has been the debate in the house since yesterday. No breathing space for me at all.” She said fanning herself with her hands.

Sinachi: “if you don’t mind, you can come over to my place, you know we hang around, go out, besides my parents are not around. So, I’m home alone!” she said.

Liz: “okay, that’s cool then! We’ll have enough time together, and it’s Friday again.

Sinachi: “okay let me get set while you come. Before you get to my house I should be ready.” She said heading to her room.

Liz: “okay. Let me dress up”. She said hanging the call.

Few minutes after she had dressed up, she went to her mum’s room…

Liz: “mum!” she called her mother out from the bathroom.

Mrs Jackson: “yes! Where are you going to, that you’re this dressed up?” she asked her looking at the direction of the clock hung in the wall of her room.

Liz: “I am going to see Sinachi!” she replied.

Mrs Jackson: “Who is Sinachi?” she asked her, wondering whom she was talking about.

Liz: “my friend of course! The one we went to same secondary school together. Have you forgotten her?” she asked her mother looking surprised.

Mrs Jackson:” oh, the one you said travelled to Canada?” she asked

Liz: “yes!” she replied.

Mrs Jackson: “she’s back?” she asked looking surprised.

Liz: “yes! But just for summer!” she replied, smiling.

Mrs Jackson: “okay, I see. But isn’t it late already?” she asked looking at the clock.

Liz: “mum! It’s late to go to Adeniyi Jones at 6pm?” she asked looking bewildered, and slightly angry.

Mrs Jackson:  “okay, but don’t stay too long there.” She said, sternly.

Liz: “I am sleeping over”. She stated firmly.

Mrs Jackson: “hmmmm” she sighed looking into her daughter’s eyes and waving her first finger at her.


At Sinachi’s place… Sinachi came to open the gate for Liz, when she called she was at the gate.

Sinachi: “Hey, look at you. You look so beautiful” she complimented her, turning her around. “I missed you sweet” she said kissing her cheek.

Liz: “I miss you more, darling!” she replied, returning her peck.

Sinachi: “I am so glad to see you again. After all these years!” she said smiling, as they both headed to her room. “so, tell me, the latest, you know gist, guys, campus, everything I need to know”. She requested, while the two sat on the bed.

Liz: “nothing much per say. Just book, book, and book. You know I’m studying medicine and I have to keep on my toes”. She replied, grinning.

Sinachi: “don’t tell me no guy is disturbing you as pretty as you are on campus?” she teased her.

Liz: “okay, I won’t lie to you, there’s a guy I like so much” she blushed.

Sinachi: “hhmm-hmm, that’s what I want to hear. Tell me more.” She said eagerly, listening with keen interest.

Liz: “oh, no you want me to say the unusual” she said, rolling her eyes, lifting her head up.

Sinachi: “ tell me nah. You both had sex? Is that not it?” she said casually

Liz: “hmmm, Sinachi, you’ll never change.” She said, nudging her.

Sinachi: “babe, you have some waking up to do. At your age?” she said, waving her fingers at her and looking at her scornfully.

Liz: “I lost my virginity to him, before coming home, and mum must not hear” she said, almost frightened.

Sinachi: “hmmm, I see mummy’s girl. Holy Mary Mother of God” she said, laughing at her.

Liz: “leave me alone! Or have I come to your house to be made jest of?” she asked, feeling naïve.

Sinachi: “that’s by the way. How are we celebrating your birthday?” she asked, staring at her.

Liz: “are you asking me? You should know. I came to pay you a visit in your house and you should be the one to take me out. But, it’s late. This is almost 8pm.” She complained.

Sinachi: “okay, how about we go to the club?! You know” she asked, while picking up a dress from her wardrobe.

Liz: “agh! Club?!” she asked with her mouth wide opened and looking surprised.

Sinachi: “yes! Club!” she replied her firmly.

Liz: “mum and dad must not hear!” she said, grumbling and looking frightened.

Sinachi: “wait a minute, how old are you again?” she asked, looking at her with surprise.

Liz: “what kind of question is that, don’t you know my age?” she asked rhetorically.

Sinachi: “at twenty, you’re still suckling. This is more than serious”. She said, nodding her in awe of Liz’s naivety.

Liz: “thanks, I like it like that!” she said, looking faced down.

Sinachi: “come on get up and dress, we’re leaving at 10pm”. She said, dragging her off the bed.

Liz: “is 10pm not too late. You know how lonely this place can be at night. And by the way, how do we get a taxi?”  She asked looking worried.

Sinachi: “never worry, I will drive mummy’s car. She left it.”

Liz: “okay”. She replied, looking a bit relieved.

At 10pm, Sinachi drove to a club on Awolowo way in Ikeja…

Liz was feeling uncomfortable inside the club, ear-bursting music playing on and the stuffy air filled with cigarette smoke.

Siachi: “hey, come on girl. Cheer up!” she said in a high pitched voice as the music was too loud.

Liz: “I am fine!” she replied her awkwardly.  Sincahi dragged her to a corner of the club.

Sinachi: “hey, babe why are you killing my spirit? Don’t you like it here?” she asked her looking unhappy.

Liz: “it’s too stuffy and lousy here. Everyone is just puffing cigarettes.” She said fanning the smoke off her face and coughing.

Sinachi: “okay, let’s seat here”. They sat down at the corner. And Sinachi lit up a stick of cigarette.

Liz: “you smoke?” she asked her, looking amazed.

Sinachi: “hmmm,” she smiled, and puffed in the air.


At about 4 am on Saturday, Sinachi staggered out of the club with a worried Liz tagging along. She stumbled against her mother’s car and squatted, urinating close to the tires.

Liz: “Sinachi, what are you doing?” She asked, surprised.

Sinachi: “what does it look like am doing?” she replied in a drawl.

Liz shook her head in irritation; staring quickly about, in case anyone was coming. Sinachi drew her shorts up, opened the door and entered the car.

Liz: “can you drive in this your state?” she asked, a worried frown on her face, as she entered the car from the passenger’s side.

Sinachi ignored her, started the car and drove off the club premises in a squeal of tires. Five minutes, later, Sinachi dozed off on the wheel and the car ran under a parked heavy duty truck.

Question: hmmm, what happens next, are the two going to survive the auto-crash?  How will the Jacksons react to the situation?

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  1. Na wa o.this Liz self..Chai..so stubborn.
    I hope this Sinachi is not the same Queen or the lady with Jason after the call,Hummmmmmmm. I pity Liz…
    Both mother & Baby are Okay.

  2. Don’t know about Sinachi but Liz and her pregnancy will survive. Time for her parents and Feyi to know the real Liz.

  3. Lizzy d gud gal has joined bad gang. they’ll make it. i think her parents are going to make sure she leaves the shores of these country [liz]

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