(Episode 19) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

On Saturday morning, Mrs Jackson received a call around 9am, from the hospital…

Caller: “good morning madam!” the caller greeted.

Mrs Jackson: “Good morning!” she replied, wondering who the caller was.

Caller: “I am calling from the general hospital here in Ikeja”, the caller disclosed her identity.

Mrs Jackson: “yes, yes, how can I help you?” she asked, trembling.

Caller: “One Elizabeth Jackson is in the emergency ward of the hospital. She was involved in an auto crash in the early hour of this morning!” The caller clarified.

Mrs Jackson: “Eh! Jesus! which hospital?” she exclaimed, almost peeing in her dress.

Caller: “the General hospital, here in Ikeja”. The caller described the hospital for her.

Mrs Jackson: “eehhh, this girl has killed me”. She screamed as the receiver hung the call. Daniel and his brother, Isaac ran out of their rooms as they heard their mother’s loud cry. They called their mother in unison.

Daniel and Isaac: “Mum! What happened?” they asked looking worried.

Mrs Jackson: “your sister, she has finished me” she said throwing her hands up in the air.

Daniel: “mum, can you calm down please? And told me what happened” he asked holding the mother’s hands.

Mrs Jackson: “I have just received a call from the hospital, that Elizabeth was involved in a car accident this morning!” she explained, weeping uncontrollably.

Isaac: “where did she go to? Is she not in this house?” he asked, looking confused.

Daniel: “hey, guy, this is not the right time for all those questions. Let’s get to the hospital and check on her” Daniel shunned Isaac for his question.  “Okay, mum, where is the hospital, Isaac, you get the car key” he said, still holding the mother’s hands.

The three headed to the hospital, with Daniel, driving the car.


At the hospital, they went to the reception…

Mrs Jackson: “good morning! Please, where is the emergency ward?” she asked the nurse at the desk.

Nurse: “good morning! You will follow the direction on your left, from there read the landmark, you will be directed to the emergency ward” she described. Mrs Jackson and her sons followed the description given to them by the nurse. Not long, they located the emergency ward, asked the nurse on duty about an accident victim brought to the hospital.

Daniel: “good morning! Nurse, please we are here to see a young lady rushed to the hospital this morning. She’s Elizabeth Jackson by name” he explained to the nurse, while the mother was trembling.

Nurse 2: “yes, she’s recuperating! In the female emergency ward.

Isaac: “okay, can we see her now?” he asked.

Nurse 2: “hold on, let me check if she’s not sleeping!” she left them, to go check on Liz in the room. She saw her in bed, wide awake.

Nurse: “okay, she’s awake. You can see her”. She said. And the three left for the ward she was in.

Liz had some bruises on her fore head, her hand was broken and so, she had plaster of Paris on it.

Mrs Jackson: “oh, Elizabeth, how are you feeling?” she asked faintly, heaving a sigh of relief.

Liz: “I am okay”. She replied, weeping. Daniel and Isaac looked on.

Mrs Jackson: “stop crying, you’ll be fine in Jesus’ name”. She prayed showing some emotional feelings. Her facial expression got Liz more emotional that she burst into tears.  “Stop crying Liz. I said everything will be fine.” She encouraged, rubbing her back palm.

Liz: “I am sorry mum. Sinachi died!” she said, weeping the more.

Mrs Jackson: “oh, Jesus is Lord!” she cried, snapping her fingers. And Daniel patted her on the back.

Isaac: “where were the two of you going or coming from at this early hour, cause I don’t understand. How did the accident happen?” he asked looking bewildered.

Daniel: “I-SAAC!” He shouted at him.

Isaac: “yes! Stop yelling at me!” he fumed, looking at him angrily.

Daniel: “is this the right time or place to ask such questions?” he asked him, with an irritating look on his face.

Mrs Jackson: “you guys are adults, and please don’t show some immature traits here”. She warned. “hmmm, how are her parents, are they aware now?” she asked, looking at Liz.

Liz: “they should have been informed.” She replied amidst tears.

Mrs Jackson: “it is okay, baby! Everything will be fine!” she said.


Few days later, Liz was discharged from the hospital, as she only sustained minor injuries and few bruises on her face. Mrs Jackson decided to pay Sinachi’s parents a condolence visit in their Ikeja home. She went along with Daniel.

Mrs Jackson: “I am sorry about the loss of our daughter, Mrs Nwosu! Kindly accept my condolence. May the Lord give you and the family the fortitude to bear the loss” She empathized with Mrs Nwosu, Sinachi’s mother.

Mrs Nwosu: “hmmmmm, just look at me, what do I have left? Nothing!” she cried bitterly.

Mrs Jackson: “Cry no more my sister, you have Jesus. Look up to Him, cast all your worries and fear on Him. He is our All in All. I know it could be very difficult, but just have faith, that everything is well” she said, sitting closer to Mrs Nwosu, and drying her tears.

Mrs Nwosu: “she’s my only child, what do I have left, my husband and I work day in day out to give her the best in life, and now see where Sinachi ended her life” she lamented, wailing profusely and shaking her legs. Mrs Jackson, however, was dumbfounded. She kept quiet for a while, looking faced down.

Mrs Jackson: “hmmm,” She sighed after a long silence. “I will come back and check up on you later. My husband extends his greetings”. She prayed with the Nwosus, afterwards and left with her son, Daniel.

Mrs Jackson was about driving out of the compound when, a neighbor of the Nwosus stopped them.

Neighbour: “hello madam! I am Mrs Enilolobo, a neighbor to the Nwosus”.

Mrs Jackson: “yes ma.” Staring at the woman and wondering what she had to tell her.

Mrs Enilolobo: “you see, I know your daughter, Liz, is a friend to Sinachi. And I used to see her here before Sinachi travelled to Canada. My point is tell your daughter, to mind the kind of friends she makes, because I can sense that she’s a decent girl. You see the night before the incident, your daughter was here. And after some hours, at about 10 or 11pm, Sinachi drove out of the compound. I don’t know where they went to, but it was later I heard they went to club.” She explained, gesticulating.

Mrs Jackson: “hmmm” she sighed. “Thank you madam”. She became totally unbalanced and she entered her car, giving her son the key to drive home.

At home, in the evening, Engr Jackson called Liz to the living room, with the whole family seated…

Engr Jackson: “Liz, can you please tell us where you were coming from, before you had an accident?” he asked, frowning at Liz.

Liz: “I am sorry dad!”

Mrs Jackson: “what is you’re sorry? You’re asked where you went to, and you’re telling him you’re sorry. Is that the answer to the question?” she asked, hissing at her.

Liz: “I was at Sinachi’s house that night, so she persuade we hanged out in a night club, since there was no one home with her, besides she said she wanted to take me out for my birthday:” she explained, weeping uncontrollably.

Isaac: “I said it. I knew something was wrong. Accident early in the morning within this Ikeja”. He said, gesticulating with his hands in a round direction.

Mrs Jackson: “come on shut up! You this idiot” Mrs Jackson shunned him.

Engr Jackson: “and after the club, what happened?” he asked, looking sternly at Liz.

Liz: “we left around 3, 4” she looked up trying to remember the time. “Yes, four in the morning. Liz was drunk and she drove, so we ran into a stationed vehicle”. She explained, weeping with her eyes bulging.

Engr Jackson: “you see, all I will say is; be careful, always remember the child of whom you are. I can’t tell you not to have friends or fun, you’re an adult. But whatever you do in life, do it constructively. Have fun, make friends and be as wise. This will serve as a lesson to you that next time you know the kind of friends you keep.” He advised and left the living room angry.

Mrs Jackson: “you see your life. Madam adult! I am twenty. A fool at twenty, being swayed around like a jelly fish. You can’t make decision on your own”. She insulted her daughter, sticking her tongue out at her.

Liz entered her room, buried her head under her pillow, wept bitterly till she dozed off. Shortly, afterwards, Feyi’s call woke her up.

Feyi: “hey Liz! How are you doing?” she asked to check on her.

Liz: “I am fine”. She answered simply.

Feyi: “are you sleeping?” she asked, as Liz was not audible enough.

Liz: “yes, I was sleeping. Your call woke me up.” She said, clearing her throat.

Feyi: “okay, I just called to check on you, and please, be strong for me. Pele.” She greeted and hung the call.

Weeks rolled by, Liz was left alone in the house with a cousin whom the parents asked to come stay with her, while they travelled to Ghana for the vacation. This was a punishment from her mother for her lackadaisical attitude. She felt unhappy, and remained indoors all through the period.

Question: Sinachi is dead! Are the parents to be blamed for not having time for their only child, and does Liz deserve to be punished for her wrong deeds?

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  1. better punishment even the Liz parents is as stupid as an ass living their daughter behind as a punishment better time to abort the pregnancy if she is pregnant

  2. At times parents tends to make mistake,why did they leave her at home?.this is a serious avenue for mother& daughter to talk,about life,campus life,&also encouraged her to keep good company all the time but see now,she left her with cousin,Hummmmmmmm… By the time she returned it will be time for her to resumed back to school,so during the period of holiday what did she gained from the mother?….Nothing,Shame,Abuse etc..too bad.Mrs Johnson,you just go too far..

  3. So Jason has not called,l feel Liz parents shd have taken her along not too sure if this cousin is a boy but let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  4. Liz deserves to be punished, but not being left alone at home.
    Sinanchi’s parents were pursuing wealth and forsaking their child, but, it isn’t enough reason for her to have become what she was

  5. Yes, Sinachi’s parent should have taught her to live a better life. Guess she was a spoilt brat being the only child

  6. sinachi’s parents are partly to be blamed because they never had enough time for their only daughter. the sinachi has chosen that part for herself n dats d reward. And as for Liz, she is just lucky n not everyone or time one gets lucky.
    leaving her home alone is ok, giving her enough time to think about her life.

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