(Episode 20) Silhouettes Cast Against The Blue Sky… Campus Life Experience!

Jason did not go home as was customary of clinical students. So, he was in his hostel room one afternoon, seated and looking worried. Ahmad entered the room.

Ahmad: “guy, how far nah?” he asked, rubbing his head.

Jason: “I just dey” he replied, looking tired.

Ahmad: “wetin happen, this one wey you dey look like person wey life don tire? You better cheer up, you go soon finish med school. No die before death go come” he advised jokingly.

Jason: “guy, abeg free me. If you no get better thing to say, just shut up”. He replied him, staring at his phone.

Ahmad: “hmmm, I hear, na your way be that. Wetin you dey look for that phone sef, wey u just fix focus on your phone, wetin you dey look?” he asked, stretching his neck to have a look at the phone. “no be your babe be this? Wetin do am?” he asked looking surprised.

Jason: “she was involved in an auto crash some weeks back at home.” He said, pitifully.

Ahmad: “oh, that is serious. How is she faring now?” he asked, nodding.

Jason: “she told me she’s much better, the last time we chatted.” He replied, as he placed the hone on the reading table in his room.

Ahmad: “oh, my greetings to her.” He said, relaxing on the bed.

A voice called Jason on phone, shortly afterwards…

Jason: “hey. How are you doing?” he asked the caller.

Caller: “I am fine, just that I missed you. And I can’t wait to see you once again” the caller said.

And Ahmad interrupted in the conversation…

Ahmad: “na she be that?” he whispered, asking Jason if it was Liz that called.

Jason: “ssshhhhh” he hushed him, placing the receiver of the phone away from his mouth, and waving his index finger.

Ahmad: “hmmmm, na you nah. Bad guy!” he teased Jason.

Jason: “don’t worry. I am all yours. When you get to town, we’ll see.” He promised the caller.

Caller: “okay, till then.” The caller hung the phone and Jason faced Ahmad.

Jason: “na wa for you o, guy. You see sey person dey talk for phone and you dey intrude.” He said, hissing.

Ahmad: “no be your babe? Abi I never follow am talk before?” he asked, giggling.

Jason: “which babe? So, everybody wey I talk to for phone na my babe?” he asked, angrily.

Ahmad: “hmmm, I hear, na your way be that. Bad guy!” he spoke loudly, giggling and spanking Jason.


Two weeks later, the school reopened and all the students were back on campus. Jason was on the verge of graduating from college of medicine. Liz was not happy that he would leave her too soon, after she had become so obsessed in him.

Liz was leaving for school and her mum was sounding a stern warning to her hearing.

Mrs Jackson: “madam adult!” she said smiling while the daughter frowned her face. “Is that look for me? Of course not!” she said as her daughter stood beside the car.  “Now that you’re leaving far away to school, and we don’t have eagle eyes to watch over you from here, I will advise you remember the daughter of whom you are. Know the kind of friends you keep, the places you go to. And don’t ever walk late at night” she warned pulling her ears to show how serious she was.

Liz: “I have heard you, mum” she grumbled, pouting her mouth.

Mrs Jackson: “you know I love you baby. And I want the best for you. Your dad and I want the best for you. Can you see that there’s no pleasure where you think there is. And besides, see how your Ukraine travelling was truncated as a result of your reckless attitude. If you can’t behave well under our noses, is it now in faraway Ukraine that you’ll behave well?” she asked her daughter who was almost in tears. “Can you see how recklessness cost the life of an only child? Elizabeth, I beg you in the name of God, be of good character. And I pray the angels of God shall be your guide and guard. God shall charge His angels to watch over you. And I will keep on checking on you. Bless you, my daughter.” She prayed, pulled her daughter to herself and hugged her.

Liz: “I love you mum! And I promise to be of good behaviour when I get to school”. She said, smiling in her mother’s arms. Her brother drove her to the motor park, waited for her till the bus left in the early hours of Monday.

Daniel: “love you baby girl! And be good” he said, waving at her as the bus was about to leave. She blew him kisses in the air.

Liz arrived somewhat late in the evening. She dialed Feyi’s number to know if she’s in the hostel. Her line was not reachable. She wheeled her box to her block. Faith, her second roommate came to help her with her box as she spotted her from the room through the window.

Faith: “wow! Liz is back!” she said jumping out of bed, telling other roommates. They all went out to receive her. She felt like a queen being welcomed to a place.

Faith: “Liz! Welcome back! How was your journey?” she asked, collecting her medium sized travel box from her, wheeling it to the room.

Liz: “I am fine. My journey was smooth. Thanks a lot”. She replied, smiling.

Third Roommate: “welcome, Liz, how are you and how do you feel?” she asked looking at her hand.

Liz: “I am good. I appreciate you all. You’re all amazing” she thanked them, grinning as she placed her hand bag on the bed.” She looked around the room, and asked: “Where is Faridah?!”

Faith: “she has gone out to get something in the hostel complex, I think”. She replied, resting her hand on Liz’s bed.

Liz: “okay, I was wondering if she’s still at home at this period of resumption”. She said as she zipped her bag.

Faith: “And Liz sorry about the accident. Hope you are okay now?” she asked, empathizing with her.

Liz: “yes, I am better now. My Physiotherapist did a wonderful job!” she said as she lifted her healing broken arm up.

Faith: “oh! Is that the hand?” she asked sympathetically, lifting her hand up to have a close look at it. “pele! It is well with you dear.” She prayed.

Liz: “thanks. I appreciate you guys. You’re the best. For your calls, texts, prayers. I say A BIG THANK YOU!” She thanked them all, interweaving her fingers. “That reminds me, has anyone seen Feyi?” she asked her roommates.

Fourth Roommate: “I saw her last yesterday, on my way to the bursary”. She replied. “Dial her number now, she will tell you, where she is?” she suggested.

Liz: “I have done that countless times. It has not been reachable”. She said, looking worried.

Faith: “relax first! You are just arriving from a long journey. Calm down! You will always see your friend”. She told her, sitting her down on the plastic chair in the room.

Liz: “okay ma!” She laughed.

Few minutes after Liz had settled down, she decided to call Jason to let him know she had arrived in school.

Liz: “hello Jason!” she spoke gently.

Voice: “it’s not Jason. He went out to get something” the person replied.

Liz: “okay, kindly tell him I called, when he gets back”. She said hanging the call.

Voice: “okay, I will tell him you called.” She said, hanging the call.

Liz, however, tried to wonder who the person was. She was confused, and tried to remember if she had heard the voice before. But, she started having migraine as a result of the injury she sustained from the accident. She resorted to bed, after several futile attempts. Shortly thereafter, Feyi and Faridah entered the room together.

Question: Hmmmm, a voice answering Jason’s call! Who could that be?

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  1. This Jason sef is something else o.. Hope his intention is not to dumb Liz now that he has entered her.

  2. This Liz self is too secrecy, why hiding her real identity for her friends, if she latter finds the person who received her calls to be Faridah whose fault is that ? Pretender. Alabosi

    • Liz is too secrecy, I don’t know why she’s hiding all these from Feyi, alabosi, enu e lowa yen , Jason will dump you and you will see yourself .adelove Kudos jare

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